Author Topic: It's called Deflection!  (Read 28 times)

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It's called Deflection!
« on: September 19, 2021, 03:28:33 am »

Yes, we've seen a lot of that just lately,(more accurately, over the past four years) from the STCC and supporters.

Ms Agte's latest rant on their Facebook page (sept 18th) is typical. She says, "---they (NYPA) have enlisted lots of dam engineers and their reports"

Isn't that what you've been asking for Lizzy?"  Now you have them and you're still bitchin'? I guess dam engineers don't agree with your philosophy?

Oh!  So let's conveniently change the subject and deflect to--

"but do we see any articles about wildlife, that so many of you have reported enjoying, or climate change, or exchanging trees for turf grass that must be mowed and that affect on our climate crisis, or is there an assessment of economic loss to canal communities if beauty is removed? Have they explored with wildlife experts what happens to fish in warmer water? No. ( I could keep listing)"   

Oh! PLEASE Lizzy - no more!  I think you just like whining because you're losing the battle.

Where have you EVER said anything about the folks that live below the canal level, like Bushnell's Basin and Crystal Springs?    No concern for their safety eh? Rather not talk about that, eh?  Let 'deflect to squirrels and a new one in the mix, fish!

I really chuckled about this part, "--- or is there an assessment of economic loss to canal communities if beauty is removed?

Beauty?  150' Cottonwoods, )covered in Bittersweet & Poison Ivy vines), dropping branches over the towpath? Honeysuckle, Garlic Mustard, Swallow-wort, and a host of other NYDEC registered illegal weeds.

The real beauty will be when this crap is removed from the embankment and we can see across the Irondequoit valley.

It used to be a feature that visitors were in awe of a hundred years ago. The sunsets will be amazing, and there will be a HUGE increase in visitors come to marvel at being 80 feet above the valley on the Belle. "Loopers' will do the loop again just to see the new, clear, view of Perinton valley. And trade will increase for all the businesses along this stretch of the canal.

And there you are, living comfortably a hundred feet above the canal, high and dry, with your eyes shut to the potential for business, and the potential for loss of life if this dam fails.

Nowhere else in the World are dams allowed to get into the deplorable condition our stretch of dam is in, but thanks to a bunch of misguided STCC members following the Agte lie, all of Perinton is in danger right now.
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Wow, fish are now the "victims" of Canal Embankment Safety? Somehow removal of trees is going to warm the Erie Canal so that fish are affected? Wouldn't that have happened already to areas that were cleared back in 2018? Or sections that run East to West now? After all, the main Canal channel is not covered by trees at all.

I've never heard something this far-fetched to date from this Facebook group, must be desperate times for desperate people.

It's all a big distraction folks, climate change, loss of oxygen, wildlife crying about lost habitats, and now fish boiling in Canal water.

You would think just once, the leaders of this group would look in the mirror and say these things to themselves, before posting a public page, looking completely ridiculous. But that's not in their "nature", they'd rather try to prey on the weak minded, who might swallow this crap.. hook, line & sinker. Sad in a way, but utter folly on their part.

There will be no "beauty" lost when Canal Embankments in Fairport & Perinton are finally cleared of invasive vegetation.

What will be lost is 10+ miles of unsafe earthen Embankment dams, along with the fear from those living below those dams that they might wake up one night to water pushing their house down their street.

And another thing that will be "lost & forgotten" one day... a group on Facebook who thought it was a good idea to say "No thank you" to public safety around earthen dams.

And that day can't come soon enough if you ask Canal Neighbors