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Re: It's not just 'dirt!
« on: December 28, 2018, 09:12:44 am »
Sadly this Stop the Clear Cut Group (STCC) has tried to push a message of being "Nature's Friend" when it's very clear that large vegetation & trees are what have been destabilizing the Embankments along the Erie Canal for years and also preventing a proper inspection of the Outboard Slopes of the Dams to insure the Safety & Well Being of the Communities surrounding the waterway. The Earthen Embankment Remediation Project (EERP) is trying to address this lack of maintenance but sadly the STCC group thinks making fun the of the project name is the best use of their time.

This Stop Group continues to lie to themselves and their "followers" regarding this project, choosing a path of dis-information, deflection and outright deceit of the truth regarding Embankment Dam Safety. Praising themselves as "warriors & guardians" seems to be their only defense as they continue to deny the simple truth about this EERP work, even when their own experts try to correct them. 

Look no further then the STCC Charter Page on Facebook... it speaks for itself.

The Stop the Clear Cut group was WRONG about needing a review based on State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA), confirmed through DEC Review.

The group was also WRONG about the use of their word "clear cut", as it has been determined the EERP is approved "Maintenance" on an Earthen Dam.

Finally, the STCC group was WRONG about the word STOP as they have stopped nothing on this project. Unless of course, you count those who have stopped respecting the STCC Leadership and have LEFT the Facebook Group to their eventual demise. Folks, can't help but note that 15% of the STCC Group has quit the group since they started... and only about 6 post routinely, half of that is from it's own misguided leadership.

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