Author Topic: Janice Gouldthorpe's & The STCC opinion of the Canal Corp Perinton Embankment Video  (Read 230 times)

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Two hundred views of this post and no one replied? Seems like someone should have said this post can't be far from the truth,unless all 200 people were her friends. With the way she mentioned this Caswell person, I can't imagine that's the case.

Maybe i am missing something because I'm new here, but why is Gouldthorpe's discussion about who was in the canal safety video in Perinton and not about the content of the video that says the embankments are unsafe & need repair. That seems like pretty basic stuff regarding this work from what i read on your forum board. It doesn't appear this stop the canal work group gets that idea, is that it?

Don't they know that people never sue those who work to improve safety, only those who don't. Just look at all the recalls we have in the US.