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Re: Kevin Gallagher wants to ignore the truth
« on: May 27, 2022, 07:20:31 am »
Pulled from the new york state canal integrity website at

The owners of the property, that is the new york state canal corporation, say Kevin is mistaken about earthen dams, and they are actually the people responsible for the safety of the public using the erie canal and it's trails.

How are embankment dams different from levees?

Levees typically are meant to protect adjacent areas from flood events and, generally, do not retain water for long periods of time. They can be made from earthen embankments. Embankment dams, like those found along New York’s Canal System, retain water for half the year or longer and have a low-level outlet which means that water levels can be controlled. To see where earthen embankment dams are located along New York’s canals, you can view maps on the Program & Maps page.

So when did the general public, that uses the canal trail for a daily walk, suddenly become the experts about the canal? When did naysayers like Kevin Gallagher rise up and start to deny the truth about erie canal embankments, and believe they know more than the property owners?

When two facebook agitators told them to do it, they have no facts or experts backing up their false claims. Unless you count Ms. Agte and Ms. Maier as canal experts, after all they are only trail users like Kevin, which seems to be enough to be labeled an 'expert'.
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