Author Topic: Kevin Gallagher is an idiot!  (Read 245 times)

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Re: Kevin Gallagher is an idiot!
« on: May 27, 2022, 08:39:02 am »
Well Mike, you managed to pull me out of "ecna retirement" with this latest post...The correct word is dipshit, here is the #1 definition according to Urban Dictionary


A despised person; a moron; an ineffectual person; one with a habit of being wrong, loudly and often

Sorry if my use of the word offends anyone but in the words of a famous American, Thomas Paine, who wrote a piece called Common Sense...

“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.”

Another Canal Dam is Failing, read about it here:

Note: In the spirit of FULL transparency, Mr Gallagher stood at the end of my own driveway 4 years ago, when the Canal Corporation was clearing our 400' long earthen embankment DAM, and tried this same argument about "no danger & embankments are fine". He was stymied then, unable to muster an argument or experts that support his unwillingness to accept the simple truth, which we discussed for almost an hour.

He simply denied that these hillsides are actually dams, even though he was watching one rather large embankment being cleared, and saw a canalbank with a waterline 15 feet above where he was standing.

I told him he was wrong then, and in these past four years nothing has changed, except his resolve to continue looking like an idiot by following a Facebook group that thinks denying public safety issues was a smart move. Those safety issues still plague the NY State Canal System even now, and are getting worse, evident by all these repairs and canal closures.

Sadly, it's almost impossible for Kevin or anyone in that Facebook group to "save face" after all that has transpired.

But it's as simple as taking their Facebook group from public view and back to a PRIVATE group, where Erie Canal Neighbors are not put at risk by their continued spread of misinformation and denial of the danger of having unsafe canal dams running throughout our canal communities.

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