Author Topic: Kevin Gallagher is an idiot!  (Read 245 times)

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Kevin Gallagher is an idiot -- again!
« on: June 09, 2022, 04:45:43 am »
Posted today on the STCC Facebook page.

Here's another feeble attempt to discredit the Canal Corporation.

My question is, why would anyone want to complain about overhanging branches on the trail being cut?
Surely, the Canal Corporation does not need a 'registered arborist' to trim a few branches overhanging their own property? I thought that was a common law that you're entitled to cut trees that overhang your property. It's up to you to ensure your trees don't do that, no need for folks to ask permission. What the CC should do is carefully place the offending branches back on the owners property, but they were being nice and likely hauled them away for you.

Kevin just likes to find something to bi-tch and moan about. It's really quite pitiful!

You'd think everyone would be grateful, but not if you are hooked to the STCC!

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