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Beware of social media groups who refuse to accept any truth but "their own".

Once again, Mr. Gallagher is "up in arms" over some Erie Canal Maintenance work, that doesn't meet Kevin's definition of "necessary". Of course a few other Facebook Group members try to reason with Mr. Gallagher but it doesn't seem to help him understand.

No folks, Kevin will not be consoled at all, tree limbs are missing, grass has been trimmed, but it's "just not right" with Kevin. Now it's time to add his brand of "sarcasm" to the mix.. " look they left a dead tree". Like someone riding a mower has the tools to take down that tree. Again, someone tries to set Kevin straight, saying "it's another crew".

And of course, this is the cue for other "idiots" to share their story about what they see along the canal, like Mr. Oakes. He's showing a section of Canal Embankment that isn't mowed to his liking, between the two bridges in Brockport. He's also showing the difference between the grass sections of this 25' Earthen Dam looming over an apartment building below that is still HALF covered with trees... strange isn't it?

The TRUTH here is very different. This section of Canal Embankment was NOT part of the Embankment Restoration work already done in 2018-21. It was left OFF the list "per a request by Brockport Village" who manages most of the trimming work there. The issue was the cost to replace or repair the paved trail there, that is suffering from Tree Root Upheaval at the moment. It's worse by the Park Ave bridge side, and becoming a public safety issue on the trail to avoid it.

So the original Erie Canal  Embankment clearing work was done only WEST of the Main St Lift Bridge and EAST of the Park Ave. Lift bridge, not in between are "twin bridges" of Brockport.

Go look at the Maps on the work, call the NYS Canal Corporation or the Village of Brockport office, they will confirm all this.

But the real AWARD here goes to that last comment made to Mr. Oakes post, by one of the Leaders of this STCC Social Media group, Ms. Virginia Maier.

Virginia Borden Maier: This is exactly what we predicted would happen. I suggest planting trees on that slope so that shade will keep the undergrowth down.

So, the NYS Canal Corporation is REMOVING overgrown brush & TREES, as they pose a STRUCTURAL danger to the water-impounding earthen embankments along the Erie Canals. All supported by Science, FEMA, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The NYS Canal Corporation & NYPA have declared their canal embankments to be a public safety issue, that is now in need of inspection & repairs and proper covering per NYS DEC Laws. And the NYS Comptrollers office AGREED!

And the Canal Corporation & New York Power Authority have also stated and proved, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that there is a "clear & present" DANGER of Erie Canal embankments breaching in the future and causing a flood, with the release of an 18 month NY State required Environmental Impact Study. That study is due out by early August.

So, Ms. Borden-Maier is now "suggesting" that the solution to these overgrown, unsafe, aging earthen canal dams is somehow somehow solved, by "planting more trees, to get more "shade"? Doesn't that sound strange to anyone?

Do I need to explain anymore why she get's the award? What else can can you say?

Folks. this Facebook group's motives have been a bit "shady" from the start in "my humble opinion".

And now it appears they have moved completely to the "Dark Side"

Be careful trying to "defend" this group, and what their leaders have claimed to be factual information.

They have zero evidence to support their claims, and simply want to ignore "the elephant in the room".

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