Author Topic: Kevin Gallagher is an idiot!  (Read 245 times)

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Re: Kevin Gallagher is an idiot!
« on: July 31, 2022, 07:51:15 am »
Couldn't help but notice that Mr Gallagher has a bit of a preconceived bias & prejudice showing here.

Obviously Kevin thought that the NYS Canal Corporation was responsible for this tree trimming along the Erie, but when a fellow member from the group informed him that the tree work here was done by the TOWN of Perinton, he suddenly stops his rant about what he felt was "unneeded trimming"

Kevin Gallagher is in Fairport, New York:
I believe the trees were trimmed way too high just west of Fairport.  I am not the only one with this opinion.  I would describe this as overly aggressive and damaging.  I would like to know who made this decision and ask that they stay away from now on.

Tawnya Keeney: This looks like the path in Perinton park and I think the trees always look like this but Iím not sure. I have pictures of that exact path that Iíll try to find and see.

Ellen Smith: Town of Perinton did the tree trimming. I was biking through as they were doing it.

Kevin Gallagher (Author):
Thank you for that information

It appears from Kevin's "lack of criticism" (after learning it wasn't the NYS Canal Corp that did the trimming) indicates that its "ok" for Perinton to trim trees around the Canal in Fairport, but not the agency who's actually tasked with Erie Canal stewardship for the State of NY.

Or am I missing something here?

Why didn't Kevin Gallagher contact his own Perinton Town Leaders and tell them to stop trimming trees along the canal?

Why didn't Kevin Gallagher start his usual rant about how all tree work is unnecessary along the Canal Trail?

Preconceived Bias...that's why, unless someone else has a better explanation.

What about it Kevin Gallagher?
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