Author Topic: Kevin Gallagher is an idiot!  (Read 247 times)

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Re: Kevin Gallagher is an idiot!
« on: October 28, 2022, 10:39:48 am »
Hard to believe that ANYONE in this social media group would ever mention the word "safety" and the NYS Canal Corporation in the same sentence.

Especially after the members of this Stop the Canal Work Facebook group have been in DENIAL about Erie Canal Earthen Embankment SAFETY for almost 5 years, calling all that talk about unsafe canal embankments simple "fear-mongering" by New York State. They used to claim this BREACH in Palmyra/Macedon was all the fault of NYS Canal Corporation negligence, and it "really wasn't an embankment breach" at all.

Now members of the group want the trail opened... they say "It's Safe".

My how things have changed... right?

So Mr. Gallagher is now whining about the hazards of using an Erie Canal Trail that has been relocated from an unsafe embankment breach section along the Canal, that is under repair, to a local highway section that will be used as a detour...?

And he's doing it in the name of safety?

What a load of crap!

Doesn't Mr. Gallagher understand the simple TRUTH that when that Macedon trail embankment section is safe for PUBLIC use, the NYS Canal Corporation will remove the detour signs, and let pedestrian travel proceed as it did BEFORE the leak was detected and the breach occurred?

That won't be done because Kevin Gallagher on Facebook says it's safe to do so, or that he feels it's "ok" because it's been 17 months now.

That section won't be done because Kevin Gallagher doesn't like the detour along Route 31, and some highway marker showing where someone died

The Canal Path will be opened when New York State says their repair is SAFE and COMPLETE, and the Empire Trail is SAFE for the public.... PERIOD!

If Mr. Gallagher does feels the Macedon Trail Section is safe now, let him put up PROOF of that statement, and not just his "valued opinion".

After all his "opinion" must be based on some credible information, though it is unclear and never mentioned in his FB post.

Once again Mr. Gallagher claims he knows more that the Canal Corporation on matters of public safety... open that breached trail section to hikers & bikers.

And BTW, if no one else want's to say it...

If Mr. Gallagher doesn't like the Empire Canal Trail (and all it's detours), than perhaps he can find somewhere else to ride his bicycle. Sure beats listening to him whining over & over about his trials and tribulations as a bicycle rider along the Erie Canal... good grief Kevin... it's not about YOU. Try Ellison Park, or Powder Mill.

The word "idiot" as a description here doesn't really capture how pathetic all this complaining on Facebook looks to those with even an ounce of intelligence.

Not just the incessant whining by some members of this group, but the sheer fact that most of the group's members seem to change their tunes over and over, just to instigate their Facebook friends to post negative comments like this one from Kevin. If it's not Kevin Gallagher, it's Bob Corby trying to rile up the STCC Natives.

As far as we can read... no matter what happens, the NYS Canal Corporation and NYPA will ALWAYS be wrong about the Erie Canal they manage, and Facebook's Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group is always going to be right, just ask them, especially Kevin.

I've met Kevin, he seemed intelligent in our conversation, but sadly he let Ms. Agte & Ms. Maier's RHETORIC & CONSPIRACY THEORIES about the NYS Canal Corporation influence his analytical thought process and now has become just another "parrot" for the group's misguided leadership.
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