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Liar Liar!
« on: September 26, 2019, 06:20:59 am »
Ms Agte posted this on Sept 24th on the STCC Facebook page

Elizabeth R. Agte
September 24 at 9:36 PM

For many citizens the news of the Canal Corporationís plan to remove miles of trees and vegetation along the banks of the Erie Canal was a complete shock when the Canal Corporation, now run by the New York Power Authority, hosted an open house at the Reserve in Brighton, NY, November 20, 2017.

What was even more unsettling was that they had already started work. This meeting was not to get input from citizens and local officials, but to announce what was heading our way. They had already denuded the banks along the stretch from Medina to Brockport.

The Canal Corporation / NYPA at that meeting, and in much of of their media since, has been adamant that there is only one way to assure the safety of the general public and prevent a canal breech, and that is to clear cut the beautiful and scenic banks and replace those shady pathways with grass. To their discredit, they used the canal breech in Bushnell's Basin in 1974 to create fear. That breech, and most of the others were man-made, NOT created by the existence of trees and vegetation on the embankments.

We have collected data from experts who say they are wrong. Tree roots are not the danger they present them to be, and they are fear mongering in order to push through this ill advised project.

We want to stop the Canal Corporation / NYPA from acting with complete disregard for the beauty, recreational use, and environmental necessity of this treed greenway, until such time as the views of the public, elected officials, other experts and environmentalists can weigh in on this project that affects us all. There is a better way.

Ms Agte has a very CONVENIENT memory.

She has TWO expert witnesses who originally stated that trees were ok, but they had NOT BEEN TOLD the trees Agte was referring to were on an Earthen Embankment Dam.
When I contacted these people, Prof Donald Gray and David Rosgen, they both retracted their original statements because they were intentionally led to believe that they were talking about natural wooded slopes, not earthen embankment dams

This total denial of the facts, presented by THEIR OWN APPOINTED WITNESSES and numerous other experts like USACE NYDEC, and the ASDSO (association of Dam Safety Officers), is dangerous, irresponsible and almost criminal.  Hundreds of people's lives are at stake.
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Re: Liar Liar!
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2019, 07:19:31 pm »
Why does it seem that anyone talking to Ms Agte, or her group eventually feels like they are talking to a tree living along the Erie Canal?

Just as dense & not doing anything in the best interest of safety for the Erie Canal or the safety of it's neighbors.

Why does Ms Agte let those who are in Brockport and all parts west, now living on safe, clear embankment dams discuss our own issues with this change..

We are doing fine without her help.
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