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Author Topic: Lizzy's Group gets told where to get off!  (Read 33 times)

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Lizzy's Group gets told where to get off!
« on: April 24, 2023, 02:20:08 pm »
Someone has realised that the owners of this nefarious group often are nit picking and looking at any employee or contractor working with or for The Canal Corporation as being up to no good.

Our commendation to Mr Langdon for putting Miss Agte in her place. Its a pity more members don't do the same.

But then, I'm doubting many people are  bothering to read the STCC pages these days, seeing as the battle now seems to be lost.

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We have seen Robert Langdon's attempts to correct this Stop the Canal Facebook group before...

It's always met with the same indifference...

Here are a few other choice posts where Mr. Langdon attempts to educate or correct the group to no avail:'truth'-while-ignoring-all-ea/?message=2315've-been-quiet-for-a-while-but-a-flurry-of-nonsense-today!/?message=1870

And Mike, you left out the BEST part of the conversation between Reverend Chuck and the group... here's what Mr. Langdon said in reply:

Read Bob's Langdon's words of wisdom again:

Next time instead of putting these 2 fine gents on Facebook and assuming, maybe just ask them what they are doing today.

Chuck Jennings 2 years ago someone did to me what you did to these guys. I wasnít even doing work on the canal and the person didnít ask me what I was doing. Tons of fun being ridiculed by strangers for assisting a clear cut I had nothing to do with.

Sadly I have to take a little offense with Mr. Langdon's "blanket statement" that all this is a "clear cut". As a professional, working as a surveyor in an Engineering Firm you would think that Mr. Langdon is smart enough to recognize an overgrown, unsafe, embankment dam when he's standing atop one.

You would think that Robert G. Langdon would have understood the intricacies of Earthen Dam Management, including proper inspections and proper slope covering. Well maybe not, he's simply a surveyor who get tasked with MEASURING locations, not so much understanding what exactly he's measuring. But you would think that Mr. Langdon would have taken some time to ask others in his office (that might understand Earthen Dam Requirement) why there's a need to CLEAR invasive vegetation off these canal slopes.

He would have been told it's so these Embankment DAMS are in compliance with Federal & State laws and regulations..

And most certainly those more intelligent people in the office would have emphasized these FACTS about Drone Inspections along the Erie Canal to Mr. Langdon:

1) Drone Inspection help NYPA meet the requirements set by NYS Comptroller in 2015, regarding "below water level" inspections of the NYS Canal System.

2) All of the DAM INSPECTION work was done using a drone, flying INSIDE the prism and along the outer slopes... which helps preserve safety of employees

   a) No employee was at risk of slipping on rip-rap, no one got poison ivy trying to maneuver around slopes with invasive vegetation.
   b) A flying robot did the job, with a human controlling its moves safely from the top crest of the embankment dams

3) This was by far the most effective way to inspect the Canal System, and it's a brilliant way NYS to finish all outstanding canal inspections. Surely Schnable Engineering had something to do with selecting this method, as it easily is the best option for understanding the extent of the issues along Erie Canal Embankments.

Yes, Robert Langdon could have said a whole lot more about this embankment DRONE work, instead of going with the "group speak" by calling it a clear -cut event.

This canal embankment integrity work has NEVER fit the term "clear-cut"... there has ALWAYS been a plan to remove invasive growth and replace it, if needed, with other "plants" that are more suited to grow on an embankment dam. Trees, and shrubbery have ALWAYS been in the plan to protect Erie Neighbors as needed, but planted where those items will NOT pose a threat to embankment dam safety.

But that message seems to get lost in the STCC shuffle, that's when a group of "concerned citizens on FB" don't get that message, don't understand they are looking at an earthen dam, and try to DENY there are any safety issues involved.

The group, including Mr. Langdon, still REFUSE to admit what they have been told about these unsafe, overgrown earthen embankments...

They slopes making up 100s of miles of waterway in the NYS Canal System are actually Earthen Dams

The embankment dams are all overgrown with invasive vegetation & need to have proper inspection and maintenance

The presence of all this vegetation, along with years of NO INSPECTIONS have created a SAFETY issue along the Erie Canal Corridor in and around several NY Counties.

And sadly, neither Surveyor Langdon or Reverend Jennings seems to care about those tiny facts, and would rather ridicule the State and those working along the Canal System as "irresponsible or negligent".

It's very easy to see who is being irresponsible here...
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