Author Topic: Lizzy Lizzy -Are you getting dizzy?  (Read 26 times)

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Lizzy Lizzy -Are you getting dizzy?
« on: November 11, 2019, 08:59:45 am »
It certainly looks like it! Trying to figure out why the Canal Corp is doing what they do. You're just going round in circles Liz!

Your latest post just shows your lack of understanding.

Here's the thing Liz!
Because your little coven stopped all the work on the embankments, and because the embankments are SO OVERGROWN, and because the maintenance crews are so over worked with leaks, they leave the stuff there, because they know it will be cleared when the contractors start work - soon! It's called efficiency.

The thing is, because the embankments are SO OVERGROWN they can't see a darned thing anyway! A couple of piles of logs won't make any difference.

See!  Simple really!  So, don't worry  your little head about it!