Author Topic: Ms Maier pipes up - again --- but piping could be a problem here.  (Read 147 times)

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And the view could look like this instead... but Ms. Maier does NOT want anyone to know that. This picture is from a RESTORED EMBANKMENT in Brockport

So what's the difference?

Tell me what you see that's so "terrible" that has caused Ms. Maier to get her panties in a twist over this small change?

People... wake up to the REALITY that Erie Canal Embankments will be "reconstructed" very soon. They will resemble themselves, as they were 95 years ago, when they had grass covering a year after being freshly built and filled with water from Lake Erie. They are not natural hillsides, they are man-made earthen dams that need repair now.

This isn't about scenery or shade, this is about SAFETY of the embankments, the canal system and the people who live near it and use it. The alternative is that somewhere a flood related to canal property will happen... it's all in the SEQR report filed by NYPA to perform the work needed, where it's needed most.. Perinton.

Do not fall for someone's OPINION on social media, when there are FACTS that support removing trees and restoring canal earthen navigation dams back to their desired state.

These earthen embankments must be brought back to conform with the Dam Safety Laws of New York State