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Maybe it's time for a change in leadership at the STCC, someone who values the "truth" just a bit more?

Once again it's still more LIES and MISINFORMATION from one of the co-founders of the Stop the Canal Clear-cut group on Facebook.

This time it's Ms Virginia Maier stating a new fact, the new BIG LIE for the group... that ALL canal embankment issues are caused by "engineers messing around". Of course Ms. Maier's own words on Facebook, and those of her cohorts, will easily show why all this is yet another "mistruth" being spread around a group that has simply "lost it's direction" due to failed leadership.

If you have been reading our recent posts it appears this protest group has taken a new course of action, even for the STCC.

The two co-founders have now turned the STCCC, a group that was trying to stop canal embankment maintenance from being done, into a whole new meaning for those 5 letters...STCCC. They are now to be known as Start The Canal Corporation Criticism, as they have something to say about everything done on the Erie Canal, not just cutting trees anymore.

Of course, it didn't take long to "fact check" Ms. Maier's new claim. You simply need to look at what the group has been saying for the past few years. And you will immediately see that Ms. Maier says that ANY leak or embankment section being repaired, "where engineers were not messing around", are all "Fake Emergency Repairs"...some type of conspiracy by the NYS Canal Corporation no doubt.

And who can forget the 2021 Macedon / Palmyra Embankment Breach, that co-founder Ms. Agte, stated was because the Canal Corporation did NOTHING to prevent it, they let the canal be filled, knowing the seep persisted.

So, with NO ENGINEERS "messing about" there was a significant embankment collapse, captured by Ms. Agte, who also came up with the last "Big Lie" for the group... The Canal Corporation is trying to break their own canal system.

Ms. Agte stated after that Macedon breach, and another "emergency repair" in Brockport, that the Canal Corporation was intentionally causing all the Canal Infrastructure issues and stop navigation.'s-stop-the-canal-clearcut-founder-has-been-wrong-all-along-nothing-new/?message=1493

So is this how it works? One of the STCCC Co-Founders LIES, and the other co-founder POINTS and says we can all believe her?


Once again Ms. Maier and Ms. Agte are caught between a rock and a hard place as they say... old lies catching up with new ones perhaps.

The ECNA extensively fact checked the Macedon Embankment Collapse back in 2021, while this group tried hard to ignore the truth right in front of them.

You look at the picture below of what this Facebook group say is NOT an embankment failure, just an unattended leak, that wasn't caused by any Canal Employee messing about, and is most likely the result of some nefarious NYPA and NYS Canal Corporation "plot" to undermine the Canal System they are responsible for.

And again, maybe you are shaking your head at our fact check of Ms. Maier's latest claims, that canal embankments ONLY fail because of "canal employee activities" you might want to ask why her group can't explain away a sinkhole in Royalton, along the canal trail, that appeared virtually overnight... no work going on there at the time.

Yes... I will say the words, since no one in Perinton or Fairport seems to be able to muster up the courage... If you see Virginia Maier or Elizabeth Agte today, please TELL them to STOP LYING about Erie Canal Embankment Safety.

Tell them BOTH to stop making up misinformation about canal integrity, when the facts and science do not support their Facebook disinformation campaign.

And while you are at it, tell them to stop their denial of the inherent Public Safety issues, that will result if neglected & overgrown canal Navigation Dams are not properly repaired to NYS Dam Safety Standards. 

Tell them for your communities' sake, if it is located along the Erie Canal.

Or for the sake of your own home or your neighbors, if you live along the bottom of one of those earthen dams.

Or tell them because it's the right thing to do, for any civic-minded resident of New York State who doesn't want to see our state bankrupted by lawsuits from an Erie Canal flood disaster, "that could have been avoided" if more people stood up to the likes of Ms. Virginia Maier and Ms. Elizaberth Agte
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