Author Topic: Ms Maier pipes up - again --- but piping could be a problem here.  (Read 147 times)

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So it appears that now, Mr. Bill Maier HAS to comment on his wife's bogus claims about Canal Embankment Repair, proper vegetative covering, and her ridiculous statement that the NYS Canal Corporation is causing all the embankment issues, themselves.

Probably a case of "how best to shut-up the "un-happy wife"... perhaps.

So MR. MAIER, Virginia's better half we assume, is saying two things here:

1) By clearing Erie Canal navigation embankments, the NYS Canal Corp is "introducing new risk factors" to the canal system.

2) The Canal Corporation is trying to provide cost-effective, stabilizing, scenic & habitat providing ground cover for these earthen dams.

I guess it was the best he could muster, to come to the defense of his wife, who posted that ALL embankment issues are caused by the Canal Engineers messing about on these 100 year old dams.

That was sheer gormlessness in action... yet Bill had to play along.

So Mr. Maier is willing to IGNORE the fact that the NY Canal Corporation's recently published a SEQR filing on their Embankment Integrity Program, a State Required Environmental Quality Review, states the EXACT OPPOSITE of his statement.

In fact, that SEQR filing says CLEARLY that the Erie Canal system is in danger from "natural vegetation" and that using the prescribed & approved methods of Earthen Dam Restoration, they will restore it to a safe, sustainable waterway and navigation dam system. Trees will be removed, vines will be cut, and turf grass will be established.

And Mr. Maier would also want everyone to ignore the new Canal Corporation Embankment Maintenance & Inspection Guidebook, that outlines how to deal with all of the dangerous conditions that currently plague the canal embankments, like trees and invasive growth.

And that keeps surrounding canal communities under the constant threat of a canal breach and flood, from possible tree uprooting or tree root-caused, dam failures

I guess we are NOW supposed to not only listen to the two co-founders of this STCCC Facebook Group, Ms. Agte and Ms. Maier, who have done nothing but serve up a plate of false facts & public safety denial...

But we have to now hear from their husbands as well, who only want to spread the same misinformation and conjecture, to relieve the constant pressure on their eardrums at home.

Sorry Mr. Maier, I believe you are LYING about Canal Embankment Safety, and about what purpose the vegetation provides to a safe earthen embankment dam.

The Canal Corporation isn't looking for "scenic covering", nor are they trying to "provide habitat" on their embankments. They have TOLD YOU THIS already when they stated they have to follow these FEMA guidelines regarding Animals & Plants around EARTHEN DAMS.

They are trying to provide a SAFE & APPROVED embankment dam vegetative covering, free of animal burrows.

And standard TURF GRASS is the ONLY approved Earthen Embankment covering, according to EVERY dam safety expert in the Country, including FEMA NYS DEC, and the Association of State Dam Safety Officials.

Not that these scientific resources or dam safety experts are people you would listen to on this subject

How does the ECNA know that Mr. Maier won't listen to these expert resources for Earthen Dam Safety information?

Because his wife, Virginia Maier, Co-Founder of a Facebook group protesting all Canal Corporation work these days, told him THEY are wrong and only Elizabeth & her know the "real story... it's all a conspiracy".

Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? Any wonder why Mr. Maier has been steering clear of posting on his wife's Facebook page for the past few months until this week? I guess the shrill of the banshee broke him down finally.
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