Author Topic: Ms Maier pipes up - again --- but piping could be a problem here.  (Read 147 times)

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You are right Mr. Caswell, it's quite amazing how conjecture & disinformation seem to chart the course of this group

And even when one of the group's co-founders is "called out", by the New York Canal Corporation, after being caught in the act of spreading misinformation regarding Canal Embankment repair work, that group leader has chosen "silence" this time, which says it all... no comment.

Perhaps now realizing that she is unable to fight back the truth about Canal Embankment Restoration, with the group's continued "trail of lies".

Of course one person in that social media group, still wants to hear what their "speechless leader" has to say, even though he has told me personally, that he understands she is wrong about canal embankment safety.  He confided to me some years ago, that he's there for the "entertainment value" of watching this group & what they say, like so many others in this group.

Hopefully Mr. Koelle has heard the New York State Canal Corporation loud & clear... highlights in these messages are my own.

My message to the director of public engagement… We have been concerned since the start of this clear cutting that the earthen embankments could not withstand this level of heavy activity. We would like to have a tour of this area. When can this be arranged?

When I pointed out that heavy machinery on the embankments was probably not safe, her response was… that’s why we do when the canal is dewatered! Yes, of course, but damage by huge equipment can happen now, and not reveal itself until the canal IS watered. Why wasn’t this done when the ground was frozen and more supportive?

My guess is because NYPA doesn’t care, and never has, about the economic vitality of the canal based businesses...

But I do not believe that the original designers and engineers of the raised earthen embankments ever considered building the canal to withstand the tonnage of todays equipment. They were building it for donkeys dude.

Regarding the timing of communications about the project, a public announcement was precluded by several factors including issuance of a work permit by the US Army Corps of Engineers as well as outreach to the Town Supervisor and to our colleagues at the Empire State Trail, NYS Parks, Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor, and Parks and Trails NY regarding notifications to Trail Users.

Your note implied that the embankment restoration work was somehow caused by prior vegetation removal, which is false.
This area has long been prone to seepage and prior removal of vegetative undergrowth made it possible for improved monitoring and evaluation. Prior vegetation clearing also makes it possible for contractors to access the site and install filter blanket material to mitigate additional impacts, like subsurface erosion from seepage.

The technical team confirmed they have no concerns about the embankment's ability to support heavy equipment. Engineering calculations regarding the structural integrity of embankments, and their ability to support equipment, are made in objective terms, and drawing from engineering best practices.

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate a site visit, in an active construction zone, due to safety concerns.

So there it is, one statement in plain English, in a typed letter to the FOUNDERS & MEMBERS of this Erie Canal Integrity protest group. But it won't help because group members & it's leaders', "won't believe it's true". Leaders have their humble opinions to fall back on, and members, well they only need to repeat whatever their two leaders say, like good little parrots.

Oh yea, those two leaders of the group, well they seem to be acting quite a bit like those "donkeys" that Ms. Agte claims the Empire State Trail was "built for". Donkeys are known to be stubborn and apparently still roam the Erie Canal today. You can see them along the Erie Canal Trail, dressed in yellow shirts, that say "Shade is Cool".
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