Author Topic: Maier needs a lesson  (Read 91 times)

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Re: Maier needs a lesson
« on: September 25, 2021, 06:22:31 pm »
Seriously, you would think that someone who has been asking for "experts" to look at what's being removed from earthen dams, would understand if something is "invasive vegetation" BEFORE they start to praise it for growing where it causes safety issues on that dam.

Biology teacher Maier is under the impression that ANYTHING green is native vegetation and is OK for dam slopes. like Staghorn Sumac.

Of course the State & Federal requirements, for a vegetative free earthen dam, with only grass as a covering, doesn't seem to matter to this group, who won't accept these are "really dams".

At least that's not what the group is calling them this week.

Here's the Post about Embankments being cleared in Orleans County

Here's the comments by "doctor" Maier

And here's what's being removed...

And why it's considered INVASIVE

You would think this "expert", in all things Erie Canal, would understand that a Canal Maintenance Program to remove INVASIVE VEGETATION would actually do just that.

Maybe they should spend a little less time criticizing dam safety work, and start learning what's a weed, what's invasive, and why they can't seem to understand the written English language.
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