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Keeping with the South Carolina theme, here's more on that EMBANKMENT DAM COLLAPSE from 1977 in South Carolina, that was found to be a result of seeps, piping and the eventual outboard slope failure that killed many, and created millions of dollars in damage.

After this Flood hit the NEWS, the US Government, under Jimmy Carter, got heavily involved with Dam Safety in our Country, as there were no set rules in states, and no unified group to address Dam Safety with the thousands of Dam Owners in America.

As stated before, this flood resulted in the creation of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials, the ASDSO.

Here is the ASDSO Analysis of this Dam Breach:

And there was a extensive post-mortem of the Georgia/South Carolina flood done by the USGS... their findings show that improper vegetation, old tree roots, and lack of proper inspections led to the overall deterioration of the earthen structure. There was an issue with seepage, caused by piping, just before the breach, and the STEEP EMBANKMENT SLOPES added to the factors that resulted in the collapse of the dam

Look at those last pictures carefully... can you see all the tangling tree roots?

Just more proof that "tree roots do NOT stabilize the earth", as some people on Facebook have been saying. And the breach analysis study confirms what New York State and South Carolina are saying about what is proper vegetation for safe, sound earthen embankments.

NO TREES on Earthen Embankments... EVER!

Or just maybe New York State Residents, living along the Erie Canal, will have to "learn the hard way" about Dam Safety and what happens when it's ignored, or worse yet, denied by a group on Facebook.

We can always learn by watching history repeat itself... sadly as these folks did.

And then we can watch and listen as Rochester residents start to complain about it afterwards, and point fingers at those we feel "let us down" when it comes to Canal Embankment Integrity.

I know who I will be pointing my finger at... a group that makes it's home on Facebook
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