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Well, now it appears that it's more tears from Ms. Agte, for trees that were removed from some backyard in Fairport.

All this brought on by another "devastated" member of the Facebook group, who somehow believes that the people who bought her home in Fairport should NOT be allowed to do what they please to their new home & property.

Ms. Agte makes a point to say it's OK for these folks to do some "wallpapering" but has to draw the line at "yard clearing".

And true to form, other members of this group have a way of not listening to their own words.

It appears that the Stop the Canal Clear-cut group is now saying that the Canal Corporation is "purposely neglecting" what they call Routine Maintenance of Trees along the Erie Canal Trail. It's due to a tree down in Perinton, that split, fell on the ECT, and is blocking 1/2 the trail.

So when the Canal Corporation came to Perinton, saying they had to remove canal trees for PUBLIC SAFETY in 2018, Ms. Agte and her group "proudly" stood in their way... saying they alone knew "what was right" for the Erie Canal

And now, there are members of this group saying that the SAME trees aren't being removed as some "NYS Conspiracy" to make all these dead, and falling trees along the Erie Canal "look like" more of a danger? That they are neglecting their Canal Maintenance in the "hopes" of creating a danger to the public?


It couldn't be that the TREES have ALWAYS been a "danger" along the Canal and now, after this Facebook group has been in DENIAL for 4 years, the truth is finally sinking in?

It couldn't be that the NY Canal Corporation & New York Power Authority have been right all along, and this Facebook group's denial has only served to place the PUBLIC in even MORE DANGER than it has been these past four years?

It's really quite amazing that not one member of this group will speak up for the truth, when so many of it's other members say the most stupid things possible on their Facebook page to simply deny that truth... No Trees on Earthen Dams

Just a reminder... this is what the NYS Canal Corporation told Ms. Agte and the REST OF PERINTON... about Canal Safety in their town

And here was the message about overall Erie Canal Embankment Integrity & Public Safety

Make your voice heard
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