Author Topic: Ms Maier is no dam engineer!  (Read 62 times)

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This is truly amazing stuff... riveting.

And I don't want people to get the wrong idea, surely we at the ECNA would be lost at times about what to put on our Forum, if it wasn't for the antics of this Facebook Group. I'd like to thank them myself, but they won't talk to either Mike or me anymore.

Much to the satisfaction of ALL PARTIES I'm sure.

The title of my reply may seem a bit "harsh" but the truth is that a "good" Biologist, would, at a minimum, recognize & understand that she is NOT a Hydrologist, or a Geologist. And that just because you think you may be an "expert" in the "plant" part of Dam Safety Problem it doesnt mean you can ignore the other two parts.

So this time it started with this post on the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Facebook Page.

And make sure you see TWO things... One that Ms Maier did say "I made" some changes to the STCC Main Website and the other, the general highlighted comments of the only reply.

So I went to the website, just to take a look, here's the page on "Safety"...LOL.

And there's "more"... I put comments on some of the screen shots I captured.

And this was the end... it's the LIST OF REFERENCES from the EEIP Guidebook work for the SEQR Environmental Impact Statement. This list SUPPORTS the document, that supports the case to clear canal embankments. It is NOT something the STCC Leadership likes.

You can read the final statement I've made about this "myth", also the view of many members in the Erie Canal Neighbors Association, at the end of the last page below.

Just a word of advice to any fellow Erie Neighbors, be careful about believing what's been "shared" by this Facebook group.

They are still unwilling to listen to the science and facts provided to them, and almost in disbelief think their "plan" to ignore public safety in and around the Erie Canal will still work.

Ask to see EVIDENCE that what they say is TRUE, ask for FACTS, or you may also be caught up in believing their "myth" about "trees on dams".

The OWNERS of the Canal System PROVIDED EVIDENCE that those TREES are UNSAFE, from certified Embankment Dam Safety Resources

A BEEKEEPER & a BIOLOGIST who walk along the top CREST of that Dam, SAY it's all a "Myth", because "smart people" believe otherwise.

You all have a choice to believe which one is telling the truth, the property OWNERS, or a couple of their "park patrons".

Because sometimes even "smart people" are not educated in the tiny details surrounding earthen embankment dam safety... and that folks is a FACT!

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