Author Topic: NYPA addresses lack of cooperation by town supervisors.  (Read 17 times)

Michael Caswell

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NYPA addresses lack of cooperation by town supervisors.
« on: July 09, 2018, 09:38:45 pm »
Once again, the STCC tries to muddy the waters confusing the general public by bringing in references to levees and applying that to earthen embankment dams.

The NYPA brings to attention the terminology of 'clear cutting' as being disingenuous. The term is used referring to logging companies felling forests for profit, which is a completely different type of process.

Apparently, these letters were lifted from the STCC Facebook page.  It seems rather odd that they would post such damning letters to their cause and then go blindly on ignoring their content.

Doug K

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These letters could NOT be any more clear on the facts & truth about this Embankment Repair Project. The fact it was sent directly to Leadership Members of the STCC group who FAILED to share them with their PUBLIC group on Facebook says MORE than what's contained within them. They show the attempts made by NYCC Project Leaders to correct the mis-information being spread by this misguided group.

These letters were only posted recently on the STCC Google Website, who must read the contents very differently than any of us for yourself and decide.

Sadly there are many within the STCC core that simply will not listen to or accept the TRUTH, refuse to discuss SAFETY of the Public and instead concoct their own story about this project