Author Topic: NYS Canal Corporation Releases FINAL documents for Embankment Integrity Program  (Read 59 times)

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And this is what happens when you spread disinformation about Earthen Embankment Safety or deny it's a community problem...

You get left OUT of the conversation.

Seems the STCC isn't going to get a say in Canal Safety, and it doesn't really matter...Kevin Gallagher says it all.

Kevin Gallagher - There is always that late Friday afternoon announcement dump trick (to try to avoid the news cycle) that they might try. I don't believe we'll fall for that.

So no matter what information gets released, regarding Embankment Safety, this Facebook Group (and members) believe it's some sort of "trick" and they won't "fall for it". Not sure what this means.

Fall for what?... the TRUTH?

Once again this group shows their true colors...and you can paint them as Canal Safety "denialist" once again.

They won't "fall" for the truth from the NYS Canal Corporation about Erie Canal Embankment Maintenance, Integrity, & Safety

As always... Enjoy your's April 1, 2022 you know.
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