Author Topic: Is the STCC hiding CRITICAL project information from it's Members?  (Read 305 times)

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What do I think?

It amazes me what lengths these people will go to promoting this false agenda.  Not once have I heard or seen any comments regarding the very expensive repair that was carried out on the earthen embankment dam at The Oxbow in Fairport earlier in the year.

Last winter, we noticed a huge soggy swamp had formed at the base of the embankment, right behind the large apartment complex. It had been this way for many years, as demonstrated by the expanse of the cattail patch growing profusely there. 

Unfortunately, the embankment was so overgrown, that it was impossible to thoroughly inspect the slope to see exactly where it was leaking.

The NYPA decided the best course of action was to hammer in 45 feet long steel sheets into the crest of the embankment for a length of over 200 feet.
Many years prior, they had done a similar repair, but only used 25 feet long sheets, and this obviously had not permanently resolved the problem.


You can see the extent of vegetation growth here, which makes it impossible to conduct inspections.

And what did Professor Donald Gray say about DAMS and LEVEES?   
see here

“I don’t know of any earth dams where woody vegetation was purposely planted or allowed to grow on a face of the dam.“ 
When I pointed out to Dr Gray that he was indeed referring to an embankment dam and that I felt he had not been fully informed of this (or the state of it) he sought legal advice because of his incorrect testimony filed with the court injunction instigated by the STCC group.

Hopefully, the STCC latest expert witness Dr  Rosgen will look a little deeper at the facts before taking sides.
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