Author Topic: Is the STCC hiding CRITICAL project information from it's Members?  (Read 302 times)

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It has come to the attention of the ECNA that a group fighting against Erie Canal Embankment Repair has been WITHHOLDING information sent from their OWN Hydrology Expert that is critical to understanding this Erie Canal Embankment Project and their own group "charter". This refusal to post the information on their Facebook page appears to be a blatant attempt to keep critical information from their OWN group members that would no doubt result in many ending their support & leaving the group. The information is in direct conflict to what this group has claimed since their inception and would help many to understand the real TRUTH of this project, and how necessary repairs are.

This group, calling itself the Stop the Clear Cut (STCC), has sought out experts regarding this project and posted that information on a Facebook site. They have continually denied the SAFETY aspects of this Canal Corporation Repair Project, and have countless Facebook posts dedicated to spreading false information regarding exactly what these Canal Embankments should be called. The STCC has vacillated constantly between levee, hillside, and most recently streambank & riverbank when describing what the "experts" have stated is classified as an Embankment Dam.

The STCC simply refuses to accept the fact these are really Dams because it doesn’t fit with their rhetoric.

Their latest EXPERT, Dr. Dave Rosgen from Wildland Hydrology, has been quoted as another “credible source” to weigh in on whether it's better to have Trees along the Erie Canal Embankments or is Grass a better Embankment cover. A regular grass covering is the goal of the NY Canal Corp and it's parent, the NY Power Authority. The STCC group has stated they believe "Stream & Riverbank Science" is a better fit than Embankment Dam science for the Erie Canal, after posting some information they felt was beneficial to their cause received from Dr. Rosgen. But it’s all a ruse!

NEWS FLASH – December 8, 2018

The ECNA has recently uncovered the REAL truth regarding this Trees vs Grass question. It was sent to Leadership of the Stop the Clear Cut Group BY THEIR OWN EXPERT. We are posting that email here for ALL to see, including the STCC Membership as it appears the STCC is going to hide this from members. We would have rather posted to the STCC FB page, but it's gone "private" even though this whole project revolves around Public Safety. And as some may know, the STCC does NOT allow members who have "differing viewpoints" to join their Group.

Here's the Letter sent from Dr.Rosgen to Harvey Gross, who is associated with Leadership of the STCC Group

Anyone who is a MEMBER of the Stop the Clear Cut Group should be asking themselves only ONE question... "Do I want to be part of a group that deceives & suppresses information to it's own members?" The STCC group has called out the ECNA for "not playing fair", in the past. But the facts are clear, they are the guilty ones by not being "fair" by trying to bury information that would show the REAL truth to their members.

Why didn't the Stop the Clear Cut group post their own "expert's" recent email on their Facebook or Google websites?

Why suppress information stating that GRASS is the BEST covering for Erie Canal Embankments?

Why would the STCC hold back such CRITICAL information from those they represent or the Public?

Your guess is as good as mine... but I have a feeling we ALL know why.

Most folks agree it would be wonderful to keep Trees along the Erie Canal Trailway. UNFORTUNATELY the trees are slowly destroying the INTEGRITY & SAFETY of the Embankment Dams below the trail and anything contrary to that previous statement is just another LIE. The belief that trees are a better covering is being spread by this group who seems MORE intent on perpetuating a myth than seeking the TRUTH.

The truth is simply stated; Trees Kill Dams!

And the EXPERT for the Stop the Clear Cut Group is in TOTAL agreement with that truth.

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