Author Topic: Planting 25 Million Trees in New York is still "not enough" for the STCC!  (Read 17 times)

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Incredible as it may seem, there is still no satisfying this Facebook Group, OR IT'S LEADERSHIP, when it comes to planting trees in New York State, it's happened ever since the Canal Corporation stated that trees on Embankment Dams have to come down for public safety reasons. Simply put the group will do ANYTHING to somehow change that narrative from the Canal Corporation about unsafe trees and trees in general.

Once again it's Ms. Agte-Gross who simply IGNORES what the Canal Corporation has stated about a recent tree planting plan in NYS, and makes up her "own version" of the NYSCC PR Release. In this one she seems to insinuate that only a single tree is being planted, and that's simply "not enough". Of course some of Ms' Agte's minions have to pipe in afterwards, and try to reinforce there slanted views, and their leaders mischaracterization of the event.

25 million trees has to start somewhere, with the #1 tree, right?

Here's a link to a Facebook press release from the NYS Canal Corporation regarding their 25 MILLION TREE effort with NYS DEC -

In that Facebook video you will hear about a plan to plant 25 MILLION TREES throughout NY State... of course Ms. Agte simply ignores the "25 million part" in her version on Facebook. The post from her social media group is shown below.

So when is enough... enough? I mean how long will the public tolerate this woman spreading misinformation, and her slanted opinions?

Once again it's the Stop the Canal Clear-cut group, misrepresenting the truth, and ignoring that 25 MILLION TREES are being planted, stating that this ONE TREE is simply not enough. "Lots more trees are needed along the Erie Canal", says Ms. Agte, with no mention of how the trees growing along the Canal are causing a public safety issue. Oh, that's right... this facebook group believes that any talk about trees being a danger is "fear-mongering" on the part of NY State & the NYS Canal Authority.

This Facebook group, under directives from Ms. Agte-Gross, somehow can't seem to differentiate between trees that have become a danger near earthen dams, and NEW trees being planted elsewhere to help NYS with pollination and healthier forests in general. They seem to believe whatever Ms. Agte dishes out to them as some new gospel for their Tree-Loving Facebook Cult.

So, what about the truth, doesn't it matter that the facts & truth about efforts like #25 Million Trees take a backseat with this social media group?

That TRUTH should matter to everyone who wants the Erie Canal to survive another 100 years, but sadly to many in Pittsford, Brighton, Perinton & Fairport, the issue with facts & truth regarding Erie Trail & Embankment Dam Safety simply are not as important as "a shady walk" along the waterway.

And while that idea may seem like a terrible thing, you know, "ignoring public safety along the Canal", do you know what is even worse?

Entire communities that simply turn the other way from the TRUTH about public safety just because folks like Elizabeth Agte and Sue Calia start to whine on Facebook about things they just don't like. As if their opinions should matter when it comes to the safety of those communities, the rest of those poor souls looking uphill at these tree covered earthen dams.

That's a whole lot worse... the general public's ignorance and indifference about safety in their own community & neighborhoods.

It will be very interesting to see "where the fingers get pointed" if there is ever an embankment breach along the Erie Canal.

I know where the ECNA will point their fingers... right at Ms. Agte & her cohorts... and the NYS Canal Corporation for NOT calling out this group and their misinformation & deception.
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