Author Topic: Once again the STCC has something to say about Public Safety on the Canal  (Read 12 times)

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You would think that after getting so many things WRONG on this Canal Embankment Program work that the LEADERS of this Facebook debacle (called the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut group) would have simple hung their heads and quietly walked away but nope... consistently stubborn to accept the TRUTH to the end.

And that TRUTH just slapped them in the face with the new Draft General Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) released by the NYS Canal Corporation.

Pretty much EVERYTHING that this Facebook group has been saying for the past 2 years is now debunked by ONE document.

Trees on Dams are causing a public safety nightmare for the NYS Canal, and it's now time to fix these problems in the ONLY was possible, REMOVE the TREES, RESTORE public SAFETY

You can read it here:

Or you can see the complaints on Facebook if you like, it tells the story of a group that got what they asked for... a FULL environmental review.

And now they don't like that either... because that also tells them they have been wrong on canal safety, wrong about invasive vegetation on embankment dams, and wrong about fighting against something that was meant to INCREASE the safety of the waterway and the Safety of the PUBLIC!!

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