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Author Topic: Four Reasons why YOU should disassociate yourself from the STCC!  (Read 73 times)

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1. The tactic used by this group's leaders is to 'bomb' their adversaries with emails from the members.

Here's the first example.

2. Hopefully, you will see a pattern here, as Agte uses this tactic to bombard government officials etc.'truth'-while-ignoring-all-ea/

3. Notice that several government officials that were initially anti NYPA and rooting for Agte's STCC have slunk away, and become extremely quiet of late. The only one who hasn't seen the light, is Samra Brouk. Shame on her for her complicity.

4. Here you will see the topic of actually referring to the Earthen Embankments as DAMS.

So much rhetoric about them not being DAMS has been spouted by folks like Ginny Maier, Elizabeth Agte and Kevin Gallagher, all untrue. But the fact  remains that despite what they say, they fall into this category simply because of the following reasons:

a. They impound a large water supply, higher than the surrounding land.

b. They have an active Phreatic Line when the Canal is filled. (meaning the water soaks through the earth).

c. They have RIP-RAP, rocks to stop wave action, and are 100% man-made from earthen materials.

d. They are NOT classified as levees, which only retain water in times of a waterway flood.

Because of this, they must therefore fall into the category of an EARTHEN EMBANKMENT DAM, which is subject to many Federal and local laws, the main one being NO TREES ON A DAM. The STCC hierarchy thought that getting these DAMS classified as something else, would absolve them from DAM RULES.

Here's posts from the STCC Facebook page, showing the group's Co-Founder, Virginia Maier, is still in "dam denial" along with the groups "local expert" on Canal Dams... Mr. Kevin Gallagher. Kevin has stated more than once that the Canal Corporation is WRONG in the use of the term Dam, yet has provided no proof to support his claims.

You can read what Mr Gallagher and the group believes about Canal Dams here:!/msg2200/#msg2200

PLEASE!!! Don't be like Kevin!  Don't be an idiot!   

Can you really afford to be associated with this group?

Unsubscribe from the STCC and let them sink into oblivion. After all, if something were to go wrong with these dangerous dams and they breached (like all the experts are telling you could happen) then would you like that on your conscience?

If you care for the Erie Canal at all, recognize that it cannot remain open if it has become a liability to New York State, and a danger to the public that uses it or lives near it.

Remove your name from membership in a social media group that is ignoring public safety within the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor, putting the very existence of the NYS Canal System in jeopardy.

If you want FACTS not FICTION then hop over to this site
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It's become obvious to most, that unless you agree with the stance made by this group's Co-Founders, Ms. Elizabeth Agte & Ms Virginia Maier, you will be expected to become one of the 1000s of "minions" expected to "listen" to management, not actually "voice your own opinion".

Management expects to be heard and obeyed, without question, and all minions are expected to applaud and praise the Co-Founders when they post in the Facebook group...

Unless that post is only going out to a chosen few... like this one.

And that brings us to the FIFTH REASON members should disassociate themselves from this Stop The Canal Clear-cut group...

When the LEADERSHIP of a PUBLIC Facebook group starts posting "PRIVATE" messages to only a select few members.. it's a good time to think about leaving.

In a social media group, with leaders who have openly criticized the NYS Canal Corporation & New York Power Authority for their "communication issues", this has to be the most OBVIOUS sign that the NEW Leadership Team is not at all interested in it's membership, only in their own, personal, private conversations:

It's the STCC Leadership's own communication issues... a total "lack of transparency".

So let's take a look at the new faces that Agte & Maier are now having a "private discussion with"... the "new" STCC Management Team.

These are the people that want to DENY the inherent safety issues with unmaintained Canal Embankments, and find a way to "save the trees" that are causing all the problems with the INTEGRITY of the Erie Canal System. These are the people keeping Erie Canal Neighbors under the threat of "unsafe earthen dams" flooding their properties and lives

ELIZABETH AGTE - Jewelry Designer & Beekeeper, STCC Group Founder

VIRGINIA MAIER - Biology Professor, Author, & STCC's nonqualified Earthen Embankment Expert

CLAUDIA SCHOEDEL - English Major, Sociology, & Lover of Peace

MARJORIE CANPAIGNE - Sierra Club Newsletter, Green Entrepreneur, Retired

The last person is a little surprising, but may also be the mysterious "Guardian Angel" that Ms. Agte spoke about recently. Margie seems like a rather intelligent person, her background is solid, and you would think she's far too intelligent to be convinced by "one side of the story" that has been presented by this Facebook group. The side that says removing trees is not about dam safety, it's about "the environment".

The other side of this Erie Canal story is of course that DAM SAFETY issues with unkept, uninspected, & unsafe earthen canal embankments, that are causing leaks, seeps and other Canal System INTEGRITY issues. That is the side supported by the Canal Corporation's new Embankment Integrity Program, Guidebook, and State Environmental review.

You have to remember that ALL members of this Facebook Group are required to say Canal Dams don't exist, safety issues are a "hoax" and they MUST deny the entire safety issue of trees on EARTHEN EMBANKMENTS altogether.

You decide... is this the group you want to leave the Safety & Sustainability of the NYS Canal System to?

Not one of them even understands that they are walking on the CREST OF A DAM when they travel along the Empire Canal Trail...
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