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Round & Round we go!
« on: August 26, 2021, 01:01:07 pm »

So much for the re-imagine scheme. Beth can't see the necessity, so it should all stop eh?

And look, she calls for a mayor (who hasn't done her homework) to get biologists, arborists and engineers to contribute (is that a plug for Ginny Maier, the biology teacher,  to contribute? But we know what Ginnie's  going to say, its the same old, same old. And this has little to do with biology, its about saving lives, not amoeba or frogs.

Arborists? You already did that too, Dr David Rosgen put in his report condemning trees on an embankment dam, so did Prof Donald Gray. And engineers?  Beth, you have to be joking surely? Have you read nothing?
We have reports from Rizzo Engineering, FEMA, USACE (Army Corps of Engineers)
They all say - NO TREES ON A DAM!

The effected area has nothing to do with the village of Fairport, the trustees shouldn't be poking their noses in. However, the dam is in The Town of Perinton. and the town supervisor has expressed concern at the last public meeting.

He said,
I also understand that several agencies such as FEMA and the US Army Corp of Engineers have declared that trees and underbrush growing along earthen embankments pose a significant public safety risk - as it could result in a breach of the Canal if, for example, a tree was to fall and a root ball was to unearth. If this were to happen along an embankment where the Canal is higher than the surrounding neighborhoods it could result in catastrophic flooding in residential areas. The possibility of this scenario causes me great concern for the safety of our residents, businesses and infrastructure.

So, just stop it Beth, you're making a fool of yourself.

Good grief.
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Re: Round & Round we go!
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2021, 01:08:17 pm »
You mean this Beth Tarduno who thinks that Canal Embankments aren't really "dams"?

Or maybe this Beth Tarduno who wrote all these memorable posts on Facebook?

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