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Hasn't it been one of these two themes with this opposition Facebook clan: 1) a complete denial of the Unsafe Embankment Dam issue or 2) They somehow believe these trees and the canal are "theirs' as tax payers... both wrong.

Now I will start my reply by stating first that this post is NOT a personal attack of Ms. Agte, or any of the members of her Facebook group, this is only fact checking the information they are stating as true.

We, the ECNA, are not angry with this group, or their leaders, or their cause, we are just growing tired of the lies their leadership spreads and the lies members tell themselves. Especially in the light of so much science & factual information available about Earthen Dam Safety.

It's one thing to ignore you own safety, but it a very different issue when people lie about public safety to the public.

That's why the NY State Canal Corporation has been very clear about what they are trying to do along the canal, they are fixing UNSAFE earth dams, and only the ones that are unsafe. If that is every mile of the 127 miles of raised embankments, then that is what it is...period.

Here's this whole conversation from start to finish that Mike C has alluded to.. and you read for yourself. The Facebook groups OWN MEMBERS are trying to correct the beliefs and lack of understanding from their own leader, Ms. Agte, and of course are met with the same resistance to the truth as we have had.

The STCC wants NO part of the truth, they just want to perpetuate the myths they have created, and prolong their own 'fake news' so that innocent members will still follow them into their 'fool's journey'.

Here's the first set of comments by Ms Agte to her group... it was after an exchange where one member pressed the rest to learn the truth. The ECNA questions & comments are on the left column

Take a look at the greenest dustbowl you will ever see folks.. freshly cut embankment dam today...

And here's the first part of the conversation that Mike has shown that led up to Ms. Agte's posting. Note all of the items we brought up and underlined in these posts & comments

Now when I say "fake news" I do not do so lightly... take a look at this:

Go and take a look at that Discover The Erie Canal Website... one of the best we have seen for tourist information folks, and a good place to learn truth.


It's no secret that New York Power Authority has taken 'possession' of the Erie Canal & Canal Authority, just read the internet:,New%20York%20State%20Thruway%20Authority.

And go read the disclaimer on the New York Power Authority website, their emails & all their announcements:

Taxpayers do NOT contribute to the NYS Canal Repair, Operation or Maintenance... period.

And the New York Power Authority DOES own the canal, as a gift from the State, to try and somehow FIX it and MAKE A PROFIT... period.


For what it's worth, here's the rest of that conversation on the Facebook site for this group... sad that they won't believe their own members when they tell the truth & share the facts. Instead of thanking this Mr. Abele, the Founder of the Stop the Canal Clear-cut group attacks that truth, and spurs others to do the same. That's the kind of leadership there is in the STCC, about the same as the White House these days.

My way or the Highway... says Ms Agte, Pathetic!

If anyone knows this Peter J Abele, please tell him to come and join the ECNA, he will become an instant Forum Moderator here, as he is a breath of fresh air from the 'stench' that comes from the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut group on Facebook
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