Author Topic: SEE! I told you she was crazy!  (Read 76 times)

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Not that anyone really cares, but with all the crying, complaining & moaning being done by the Facebook group fighting canal embankment work, I thought the gesture might be appreciated.

This is from the ECNA, and it's Co-Founders to the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group.

Dry your tears... environmentally please.

And yea, about what NYPA & The NYS Canal Corporation are doing to the Canal. It's called trying to SAVE it from itself and years of mismanagement. At the same time they fix it's aging embankments, they are also trying to save the public in danger living around it. They are trying to insure their waterway doesn't flod their NEIGHBORS like me & my family. They are trying to save Towns like Perinton and Villages like Fairport from a disaster and possible flood.

They don't want Rochester to be the next flood America talks about on the news.

So do everyone in Rochester a favor.

Please, just accept that Public Safety is more important than your "personal opinions".