Author Topic: Samra Brouk fights canal common sense, while many are in danger.  (Read 202 times)

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Senator Brouk. What a waste of my time!
« on: January 01, 2022, 04:33:02 am »
I recently received a second copy of a letter from Senator Brouk, as if to ensure I read it the first time. Perhaps a challenge?

When one cuts through the waffle, the main gist of her letter is this -

But this fight is not over Ė I enter this next year with the Erie Canal on my mind. I will stand alongside you to fight any attempts to clear cut trees along the Erie Canal and to continue the conversation about what 'environmentally friendly stewardship' and management of the Canal should look like in the decades ahead.

A few months ago, I personally invited Senator Brouk to come to the Oxbow Dam and walk with me to inspect it.
I duly arrived at the bowling alley parking lot and on time, a car pulled up.  But no Brouk, just two of her office staff. I was disappointed that the Senator couldnít find the time to do this.

As we walked along the tow path towards the Oxbow, I pointed out the various illegal or controlled vegetation (as per NYDEC), but it soon became obvious they werenít too familiar with this, yet 80% of the vegetation on these embankments falls into this category, so called 'natural vegetation' by some. Therefore 'environmentally friendly stewardship' would mean complying with the NYDEC and removing it, wouldn't it?

I pointed out the huge gulleys, the fallen uprooted trees, the sheer cliff drop down to the houses below. I mentioned slope angles and gradients and ushered them into the brush to see the cliff face, but they declined.  I discussed the Phreatic Line problems, and then it became pretty obvious they had no idea what I was talking about.

I mentioned the threat of those wishing to harm us and pointed out certain features (redacted from FOIL reports), and their eyes glazed over. It was obvious they had no business here, not qualified to make a determination.

So, Senator Brouk is going to fight the Canal Authority, armed with information that two office wallahs (with no dam engineering or invasive plants experience) fed her from a twenty minute walk?  She couldnít even find the time to take a look at this problem!

No Senator, you had your chance and bungled it. You didnít do your homework, so how can anyone believe you are in a position to fight anything? You havenít even armed yourself with a site visit. You havenít even got any dam engineers working for you. How can anyone believe anything you say?

I suspect this is all a vote catching exercise for you!

And I wasted half a morning on you!

Problems with trees on dams
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