Author Topic: Samra Brouk fights canal common sense, while many are in danger.  (Read 206 times)

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So, Ms Brouk is still hooked into the STCC?
Here is her latest rant on their Facebook page.

Senator Samra Brouk
May 20 at 2:43 PM 
The Village of Fairport, NY is celebrating its bicentennial anniversary as a port on the Erie Canal! My team presented the Village with a proclamation commemorating its rich history on the canal, and continuing to find new opportunities to enjoy what the canal has to offer. Today's celebration also included a ribbon cutting for an accessible kayak launch, with a presentation led by Rochester Accessible Adventures!

Now, why should she post this on the Stop The Clear Cut web page. It's so obvious she's using it to garner votes.
Those who live under the threat of these dangerous dams should bear this in mind when election time comes around.  As far as Ms Brouk is concerned, the trees are more important than the people! And, blatantly so it seems.
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