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She went to the meeting and got snubbed!
« on: July 08, 2021, 08:10:12 pm »
STCC Leader (Well that's a joke calling her that)  writes on their Facebook page --

Elizabeth Agte --
I just returned from the Perinton Workshop meeting. As I understand it, the point of a workshop meeting is to gather information. For the board to ask questions of the member who is presenting the report. It is not a venue for the public to speak and voice their concerns or perspectives.

It was incredibly difficult to sit there and not speak, as the "report" of the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program, the scoping document and the DGEIS guidebook were more or less explained by the town supervisor. Though he acknowledged that I was I was only one of three guests in the room, it was hard to ignore that I was there...when he was unable to answer questions from the other board members, he did not use the resource that was in the room. I could feel my blood pressure rising. Don't ask me for my personal opinion, I get that, but for Pete's Sake ask me if I know the factual answer to the question! As he was getting ready to close the topic, I did insist on at least clarifying the upcoming deadlines, especially for anyone who was watching the meeting virtually. Because anyone signing into the virtual Canal Corporation meetings next Wednesday thinking they can speak will be disappointed if they did not reserve a place on the 13th. And the written public comment period is end of business on August 6th. ( is where you can find the documents under the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program)

Soon after Ciaran Hanna came into office, we extended a courtesy invitation to join us in a meeting with the Canal Corporation at the library, which in fact he attended.

Shortly after he was in office the Canal Clear Cutting link on the town webpage disappeared.

I found out about this workshop meeting from our stealth member Karen Anvelt, not because I received a courtesy call from the supervisor. If I had stuck to my no screen time before bed last night, I would have entirely missed the post.
And I am forever ingratiated to our intrepid town board member Meredith Stockman-Broadbent who actually answered my text way too late on a week night, because she is so passionate about her job, and town board transparency.

It takes more than a village to save our natural resources. And to answer the newest town board member Alex Winner, who had lots of the west side is NOT happy with the outcome of the clear cutting. And no Canal Corporation is not masterminding this embankment project, it is NYPA all the way

She says  " for Pete's Sake ask me if I know the factual answer to the question! ".   


She wrote "Shortly after he (Ciaran Hanna) was in office the Canal Clear Cutting link on the town webpage disappeared."

Yes, we (ECNA) contacted Mr Hanna on numerous occasions, telling him about the lies and deceit coming from Agte, and how she and her group were jeopardizing the lives of many residents in Perinton.

We also notified him about 'CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE" and how the NYPA had notified everyone about the dangers, making the towns liable for any problems, like a breech of the dams.  The town of Perinton obviously took notice and became detached from these radical people. Unfortunately Pittsford and Brighton Towns didn't see the light.

But, Robert Corby has been voted out Mike Barker disappeared mysteriously, and the STCC is falling apart.  They only got 3 people to attend the NYPA meeting, it seems.

And who is Meredith Broadbent?  She was a volunteer at the Oxbow cleanup, but mysteriously didn't attend the last few events. Then I received an email from her thanking me for keeping me 'in the loop'.  I thought that was odd until I found she was in cahoots with Agte.

It looks like a couple of others are trying to get into government positions, or positions of influence  - like Kristen Edmund on Nextdoor, Jamie Meuwissen in Fairport, and Broadbent in Perinton.

Local Government leaders should beware of the message the STCC is trying to spread.

All this is very sad.

What used to be a very friendly place to live, has been turned into a hateful town and village, thanks entirely to Elizabeth Agte and her mistaken view of 'environmentalism', and her continued refusal to accept the truth about unsafe canal embankments.
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Re: She went to the meeting and got snubbed!
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2021, 07:15:29 am »
Poor Elizabeth, almost brings a tear to your eye... NOT!

Mike has hit the nail on the head with this remark about Ms Agte offering "facts"... FACTUAL ANSWER? NEVER HAS AGTE, OR HER GROUP, COME UP WITH ANYTHING FACTUAL! NEVER!

But even more telling about this supposed leader of this Facebook group... these few statements by Elizabeth herself:

"It was incredibly difficult to sit there and not speak..."
"I could feel my blood pressure rising."
"I found out about this workshop meeting from our stealth member Karen Anvelt, not because I received a courtesy call from the supervisor."

Yes, most people have learned already that Ms Agte loves to hear her own voice "rise above the masses", and sadly she also believes that "her valued opinion"  has somehow turned into "her own personal truth". It appears that the Town Leaders have listened to the ECNA and our emails and perhaps that is why the STCC was NOT asked for "factual information".

Like Mr. Caswell has stated so eloquently, and I will paraphrase here; the truth about canal embankments has somehow ALWAYS escaped the STCC Leadership. And now she has reached the point where if she is "not included" it "makes her blood pressure rise". Maybe the best solution is for her to simply "walk away for health reasons".

And now this person somehow believe she should be getting "courtesy calls" from local government officials so she can help their "solve the problems"?

It's almost INCREDIBLE that this person can't realize her group, their cause, and their campaign are NOT CREDIBLE. It seems that 99% of this Facebook groups members must sense it, there are only about 6 or 7 members who post, out of a claimed 600+.

Like Ms. Agte's other claims that are not entirely accurate:

" the west side is NOT happy with the outcome of the clear cutting"
" Canal Corporation is not masterminding this embankment project, it is NYPA all the way."

As a matter of FACT... real facts, not just the opinions of the STCC leader:

1) Many Erie Canal Neighbors actually prefer the recently renovated earthen embankments between Brockport & Lockport. Some have even asked that ONLY GRASS is planted, they do not want any barrier, and are happy with the new views of both the canal and the sunsets over it.

2) NYPA only runs the NYS Canal Corporation, they are not actively setting the parameters to clear embankments, they have not been involved with the creation of the Embankment Integrity Guidebook or other documents. Most if not all of that work was done by Bergmann, who is more than capable to handle a Program or Project of this magnitude... 100% professional.

And of course there is the continued issue in the STCC Group with those who want to "whisper" in a Public Group on Facebook. Ms. Agte herself is the biggest offender, posting "private" messages like this for a very small audience... the regular rank & file members are "excluded" from the conversation, by the person they trust the most.

One day those group members will all see their trust was misplaced

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It looks like Lizzy got the cold shoulder!
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2021, 06:47:22 am »
Posted today by Ms Agte, on the STCC Facebook page.

I'm disappointed in my town of Perinton. More specifically I am disappointed in those who serve the town of Perinton. I use that word intentionally, they serve the town, they do not control it. For the past four long years we, a grassroots group, with the aid of local government have held the door closed against the wolf. Asking for logic and science and moderation. Resulting in bulling, or deaf ears. NYPA suggests in their new guidebook... We can clear cut your canal or we can fill it in.. you decide. The town of Perinton, and the village of Fairport has not been outraged about this, and it is beyond me to understand why, when Perinton and the village of Fairport have so much to lose. We attended two town board meetings recently  where we were summarily ignored. When your town stands to lose one of its major assets, why are they not mildly concerned? I asked the town supervisor of Perinton for the comment he posted to the EIS, and he responded
"Hello Elizabeth,
 Our engineers at our DPW are reviewing the DGEIS and will put together written comments to be submitted.  I will be happy to share them with you at that time.

I will not disagree that our town DPW does an outstanding job of making sure our roads are paved and plowed. But they are not the sole agency to determine the value of our waterway. They are only looking to see if the engineering sounds reasonable to them.  Without looking at any of the other values and concerns of maintaining a healthy and robust Erie Canal. It is not their job to weigh in on environmental, recreational or economic impacts. And our town supervisor has handed it off to them in entirety.
I am beyond concerned about the custodianship of our town as I sit in my she- shed writing this 5.6 miles UPWIND of High Acres, and I can still smell the landfill. If our town board doesn't care about air quality on one end of the town, and doesn't care about about our Erie Canal on the other, then what DOES it care about??? And is everyone in town government shackled by the town supervisor? Does no one else have questions? Dissenting  points of view? How can we go to town board meetings and have absolutely no one the board ask one single question?
Four years ago, when I first presented our concern before the town board, Mike Barker shrugged and said " You can't fight the state." We did, and we won. But that was because the towns of Pittsford and Brighton put their substantial weight against it. Perinton went along, just sort of. And then we had a newly appointed supervisor, who this week could not be bothered to attend a meeting to talk about how to fend off unnecessary tree cutting. We are forever grateful to Bill Smith for not only the meeting, but his continued support, and for trying to bring the Perinton Supervisor to the table.
I remain hopeful that Perinton town officials will rally. I don't think most of the people in Perinton have any idea how life altering this clear cutting will be. We have seen it on the west side, most people in Perinton have not. I hope that those running for office recognize this as their opportunity to shine with voters. We don't want our values decided by NYPA.

I guess Ms Agte still doesn't get it. She was given the 'cold shoulder' by Perinton Town Supervisor. She gets no input from the NYPA.  She is supported by the liar Bill Smith.
I guess we can now say that a majority of folks in Perinton have seen the light. They now understand why the vegetation has to be removed and the dam slopes repaired and rebuilt. They get it!  THESE DAMS ARE DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS AND NEED TO BE FIXED.

BTW Lizzy!  You won NOTHING!  The SEQR report has included more trees now than originally planned for. The NYPA has a belt and braces policy now to ensure they never have to go through the nonsense YOU put them through again.
They've heard all your rhetoric, and your lack of consideration to the safety of our citizens and their property, so there is little point in asking you to repeat yourself.

These dams will now be safe! Get used to it!
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Re: It looks like Lizzy got the cold shoulder!
« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2021, 08:05:37 am »
There's been quite a bit of complaining done by this group lately, and it all amounts to "sour grapes", or that old adage... "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR".
Ms Agte, her Facebook group, and the two towns she mentioned, Pittsford & Brighton, didn't "stop" anything, they only delayed the inevitable dam clearing.
Because public safety will always win out in the end.

Those two towns (following Ms. A's lead) merely filed an Article 78 to REQUEST that the NYS Canal Corporation perform a more thorough SEQR Review of their Embankment Clearing Process.

It's a way that "citizen-groups" can insure that proper vetting is done with an eye towards the Environmental side of State REQUIRED work. You can read more about the Article 78 process below, from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

So here we are, once again the LEADER of this Facebook group is now saying that "she doesn't like" what that new SEQR Environmental Review has stated... and wants her Town & Village to fight back...but they WON'T. And now she's even more upset because of their presumed "indifference" to her "grass-roots" effort.

While Ms Agte will NOT accept the facts or science about earthen dam safety, the Town & Village she lives in have done just that. Those local government leaders in Perinton & Fairport won't protest against the Canal Embankment work because they see that this clearing is necessary to insure the SAFETY of the residents, the community, and insure the Erie Canal has a "long future" in New York State.

You see those local leaders, and the NYS Canal Corporation have a RESPONSIBILITY to the public they serve, to keep them SAFE, and to insure NYS communities are also kept safe... something Ms. Agte doesn't seem to understand or even care about.

Ms. Agte and her Facebook group still DENY there are ANY SAFETY ISSUES with overgrown, uninspected, 100 year old earthen dams...despite the simple fact that the SEQR Study they ASKED FOR, has shown just that.

So it truly is just a group of "whiners" who are unhappy with the truth, that they can't get what they "want" because it's NOT what's right for the community around them.

Go read her latest rant again... NOT ONE MENTION OF PUBLIC SAFETY.

Once again the Stop the Canal Clear-cut group leadership is "misrepresenting" what was stated in the requested SEQR Environmental Impact Statement.

There is absolutely no plan or discussion to "clear the canal or fill it in with dirt" as Ms Agte has stated, along with other members of this group.

Here's what was stated in the latest EEIP SEQR Statement, and shows why the State of NY has to FIX the Erie Canal Embankment, and can't abandon it, as this group is stating. This outlines two alternatives that were REJECTED by the NYS Canal group, and also show that the NYS Law and Constitution prevent what Ms. Agte is suggesting was a choice.

And here's the reasons why they didn't chose to the "drain & permanently abandon" the Canal System

No where does it say, in the ENTIRE SEQR Environmental Statement, that the Canal would be "filled in", once again it's Ms. Agte adding her "spin" on all of this environmental study work. And sadly, she still is choosing to IGNORE THE SAFETY OF HER COMMUNITY and asking all her Facebook Members to do the same.

Think for one moment about filling in the canal, besides the monumental cost of fill dirt, labor to slope it, the sheer fact that so many local farmers who NEED that Erie water to grow food for all of us in NYS would negate any thought of that idea. It's all made up to "rally the troups" as Ms Agte says.

Just because this Facebook group thinks it's best to ignore the best interest of the public at large, in direct opposition to the facts, and to the SEQR Study that HER GROUP asked for in the first place, should NOT be a reason that others line up to agree, think about what's at stake here...possible loss of human life.

Once again... Be CAREFUL what you ask just may be the TRUTH that you didn't want to hear.
Sorry the Article 78 idea backfired, sorry the public decided to ignore public safety in favor of the opinions of a couple angry canal trail walkers. But mostly I'm sorry for the folks who keep perpetuating their "myth" that "nothing is wrong with the Erie Canal" in this Facebook group.

This new SEQR Statement and Embankment Integrity Program Guidebook show how very wrong they have been. 
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