Author Topic: Shouldn't Erie Canal SAFETY be left to Science and not a "Feeling"?  (Read 364 times)

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She's confused and puzzled!
« on: December 29, 2018, 02:01:22 pm »
Posted today by Ms Agte on the STCC Facebook page.

This is video of the stump digging. They don't have a spotter on the ground to look at what the hole looks like, and then it is filled with ground soil, so I'm puzzled when the voids are filled with clay. And they said we didn't need to worry about the freeze thaw cycle I read about with clay fill, because the fill is below the frost line, about five feet down. I'm confused because the tree root balls don't go down five feet.
Sorry for the production value of this film, I forgot to hire "crew" to keep the mayor from walking into my I have to pay her now as an extra?.

The root balls don't go down five feet? More proof Eerie Agte doesn't have a clue about this. Tree root balls showing along the Oxbow length of the canal have much deeper root balls than this. They've left holes 6 -10 feet deep - if only she'd take the time to look.

I guess that's the first time MS Agte has admitted she doesn't know what she's doing. What is she doing on site? It's a construction zone. Get off home and leave these experts alone to do their dangerous work.
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