Author Topic: Stop the Canal Clear-Cut Starts to Implode, Time to Question Leadership  (Read 18 times)

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As always it's come down to the simple fact that this Facebook group, called Stop the Canal Clear-cut, has done absolutely nothing of VALUE for the Erie Canal or the communities that line its shores, for the past 2 years. It's been one false claim after another, and now their group is bickering with each other about perceived "safety" issues along the canal.

After awhile it just starts to be a comedy of errors as some might say.

The STCC still insists that all Erie Canal neighbors should simply dismiss the words "Unsafe Embankment Dams" like they have done.

The STCC still insist that they have all the answers needed to keep the Canal running safely and "grow" to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as evidence from their Facebook site reveals:

Here's a post & conversation from one of the STCC's self proclaimed "experts", a Mr. Gallagher. It's about some recent work that was completed on a coffer gate, otherwise known as a Flood Guard Gate. The repairs are done, and the Guard Gate is functional again. But for some reason things don't seem right to the STCC.

And here's the start of the back & forth bickering between Mr. Gallagher and others in the STCC, who actually DO understand safety issues and canal structures fairly well. Mr. Langdon has tried to correct his fellow members a few times, actually surprised he hasn't been banished yet, as others have.

Finally it boils down to this last few statements which shows how some STCC members still don't understand the issue and others are showing their frustration over this petty behavior that always crops up.

What's really amazing here is that the REAL answer is very simple to understand, if you only look. The concern was about how this water flow through the Guard Gate might undermine what's under the canal and cause a breach or flood.

Well do you all know what's under the Canal floor? MORE DIRT! Unless of course that section happens to run OVER a dive culvert for a crossing stream, like in Bushnell's Basin and Irondequoit Creek. But that is NOT the case here because they don't build Guard Gates over Dive Culverts, usually they are built on either side if needed... like Irondequoit Creek.

No, to some in the STCC, the entire Erie Canal can drop through the bottom like it did in 1974, it's just ignorance showing and even those from within the group can't stop the foolishness when they try to point it out.

Meanwhile the Leadership of the Stop the Canal Clear-cut is still whining about the Reimagine the Canals work...still.

Seems Ms. Agte can't accept the fact that her group still fails to understand the scope of Canal issues, and that their ideas lack any merit. At time it appears to be the ravings of people who don't have a clue what's really going on or what's a stake. The Canal HAS to make money, or it will cease to exist at some point... Business 101.

Seriously, now the Leader of this Opposition Group wants to put MORE trees BACK onto the now safe & clear embankments. They think the owners of the Dams will simply forget the amount of money it spent to make these embankments safe again and instead, spend more money to eventually create the exact same problem 100 years from now. Really?

And she also thinks the Embankments are a great place for ashes & urns of deceased relatives. Wow, for once I'm speechless, what can be said?

The last time this group talked about Reimaging Embankments it was to have "goats" to the grass maintenance, so where does it end? It's hard to believe that this group is taken seriously by anyone, but the Town of Pittsford Supervisor proves the ECNA wrong on that statement still to this day. 

Is this what passes for Constructive Community Conversation and Good Leadership within this Facebook Group?

Maybe that's why they are "crumbling from within" these days?

I think maybe we all have reached this point with a group that is causing more problems than results, the picture below says it all... this is what many are wishing for in 2020, including the ECNA.

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Michael Caswell

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And what amazes me is that Bill Smith, Pittsford Town Supervisor, actually supports and contributes to this whacky group. He's an expense Pittsford residents could well do without, wasting 'official time' listening to these fools.  He should be spending the time he is paid for, trying to do something about the local taxes imposed on the residents. They are twice the norm for a canal town, but in 'fair'ness to him, only half of that of 'Fair'port, who are totally out of control.

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