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Author Topic: Spring clean-up FLOP  (Read 26 times)

Michael Caswell

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Spring clean-up FLOP
« on: April 23, 2023, 08:18:24 pm »

The STCC group of over 1000 members were summoned to the Erie Canal Spring Cleanup today.

Loopy Liz has called for members to help. "Bring gloves and wear your yellow 'Shade is Cool' Tee shirts.

As you look at the photo, count the number of Yellow T Shirts.
Then count the number of 'members'.  Obviously Loopy Liz' partner is taking the photo, so he's not in the pic, so there is a total of nine.
So, discounting, Ms Agte, Harvey, Virgina Maier and her mate, a total of 5 other 'members' turned up for this fiasco. Not even 1% of this motley crew attended.
What a joke.  WHAT A JOKE!  It looks like this group has fallen apart.

And one has to wonder about the bags of 'garbage'. Is that just 'staging' to look impressive?  I wouldn't put it past this bunch.
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Doug K

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Re: Spring clean-up FLOP?
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2023, 09:36:09 am »
Mike, I'm with you on the trash collected...

The STCC group signed up to "clear" EXACTLY the same stretch of Empire Trail that the Local Boy Scout Troop had signed up to "Clean Sweep" the day before Ms. Agte's band of boobs showed up. BOTH groups cleaned the trail WEST from the Perinton Park area, just east of the Oxbow Lake Dam, so those bags may have been remnants from the Boy Scouts.

But the part you hit right on the head... dwindling support for Ms. Agte, her gal pal Ginny, and the whole protest of Erie Canal Safety work they have clutched to for 5 years. Thousands of "members" for this STCC group, two weeks notice on signing up to actually "help" the Canal cause by clearing debris from the trail, and the STCC group shows up with 10 people total.

But Ms. Agte did have lot's of "likes & loves", those cute smiley faces and heart shapes that is about the extent that 30 or so other group members contributed to the clean-up effort.

Not kidding when I say this... if there is a group with MORE HYPOCRISY that this one... please point it out to me.

It ranks right up there with people & groups who term January 6 Insurrectionist as simply some "capital sightseers" or "innocent bystanders".

It's similar to those groups who say FOX News is "real", just like WWF Wrestling, and that Trump was a "good" president... while presidential historians place him near the bottom of the "worst presidents list".

The Stop the Canal Clear-cut group is chock FULL of people that won't lift a finger to support the Erie Canal, but are the first in line to criticise & complain when NY State tries to fix their age old safety issues along the NYS Canal System.

Go figure...!
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