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Re: STCC closes it's door!
« on: November 29, 2018, 09:50:18 am »
Cant help but see that the "timing" of this Facebook Page closure is somehow DIRECTLY tied to recent Posts on the ECNA website that proved the most recent "expert" being touted by the Stop the Clear Cut folks ACTUALLY wasn't an Expert at all in Embankment Dam Remediation, his expertise was in "river & stream" banks. When asked to weigh in on the Erie Canal he DID admit the Embankments here really should be considered "Dam"... not "natural".

But I was fascinated by the Message to the STCC Clan by Ms. Agte.. it somehow just doesn't make sense to me in light of what they were saying. IF they REALLY believed Mr. Rosgen's background would help their cause, why did they keep stating THEY knew his field was "just for river's and streams" AS SEEN IN THIS EARLIER POST...

Now go to the Stop the Clear Cut Closure Message... and read the BOLD sentence.

Ms Agte wrote -

"I know some of you are concerned about why I decided to close the group today. As I stated this morning, we have a troll. Unfortunately he is not a member, so I can't simply cut him from the membership. But with the group open to the public, all he had to do was take screen shots of our pages. And today we received emails that he had sent to the expert I posted here yesterday. His tone was not entirely professional. I will leave it there.

As you may recall I was contacted by another valued expert this last summer about the harassing emails he was getting from the troll.

I will try to determine if his theft of information from this page stops or not. If it stops, then he no longer has access. If it doesn't, then it means he has a helper within the group.

I take the privacy of our experts seriously. They are contributing valuable information on their own time, at their own expense, and I do not want their reward to be harassment.

Why would a group, looking for ANY EXPERT to side with their argument, WANT that SAME information from that expert kept "private"?

That's a BIG "red flag" folks... "Private Experts" could be Grandma, who's watched the canal run past her house for 50 years. They DID pick individuals who have degrees, have a PhD, are noted and published.. but UNFORTUNATELY those experts were NOT Embankment Dam Experts. But BOTH of these Hydrology Experts DID understand the TRUTH about Vegetation on Embankment Dams... which is Trees are NOT allowed. And BOTH of those experts clarified those beliefs to the ECNA who posted on THIS website to show only ONE thing.. the Truth.

Too bad the STCC has NOW decided NOT to believe their OWN experts, and instead have decide to "deflect" and "change the subject" Now they are resorting to name calling (troll) and whining unfair that their OWN WORDS do not look the same when other folks hold a "mirror" up to them on this site. Crying UNFAIR & UNPROFESSIONAL when the STCC crew has such a loose grasp on the TRUTH seems a bit "LOW" even for this group.

As far as the rest of the message..,
"Valuable Information?" Yes for "Rivers & Stream Banks".

"At their own Expense?" Really... In real money or just the time involved to answer your question on something THEY enjoy discussing?

"I do not want their reward to be harassment?" Reward? Does Ms Agte feel that talking to a group dedicated to fight against a NY statewide safety project is a "reward" or benefit to their long, storied careers? These people will not put "helped the STCC" on their resume'

Most of these experts may just realize they should "check their sources" much more carefully next time they decide to weigh in on a subject like this. Go back and read their replies carefully, they do NOT want to get "in the middle" of a disagreement, just share their knowledge and expertise.

I think we ALL would agree with that sentiment, especially when the disagreement is about the truth and one side is distorting it for their OWN benefit.

Unfortunately in this case their field of knowledge didn't quite fit... doubtful that anyone will find a qualified Dam Engineer who would ever agree with keeping trees on Embankment Dams.
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