Author Topic: Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group continues spreading Erie Canal disinformation on Facebook  (Read 235 times)

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It appears that when Ms. Maier's social media opinions are not accepted as truth, and the "fake facts" she uses to distracted her group fall apart under "the light of truth", there's always a backup plan... Insults.

She continues to poke fun at the New York Canal Corporation and blatantly insult the knowledge of Professional Engineers & Surveyors.

Of course Ms. Maier has also been called to task (by one of the group's members) for her own "obvious lack of knowledge" on anything related to Erie Canal Engineering & Construction, Earthen Embankment Maintenance, or for most part - anything related to "public safety" in and around the NYS Canal System.


And once again it's Mr. Bill Langdon, who is no stranger to the ECNA discussion about Erie Canal Engineering and Public Safety. We have written about Mr. Langdon a few times on our Forum. He's been trying to "speak truth" to a management team that will have none of it... sadly. He is an insider that wants to share facts & truth, but is stifled by Ms. Maier or another member each and every time.

Here's one example where he tries to explain why the Erie Canal Trail is constructed using current materials, HE is the expert here, but Ms. Maier doesn't get the message.

Here's another example where Mr. Langdon points out a few of the many MAJOR issues within this Facebook Group.

His EXACT words are here for you all to read:

Robert G. Langdon:
Good lord people! So there is not much work surveyors do from boats …. Just a FYI.

One of the only things they do is sonar scans which a quick check of Prudent's site is something they specialize in. Being a surveyor who works for an engineering firm this is also a very specialized thing that not many firms get into. This could be done for a multitude of reasons including but not limited to making sure nothing new had wound up on the bottom of the canal that could be a hazard for other boats on the canal.

When I worked at another firm we actually did a sonar scan of the bottom of the canal for a 3rd party firm was was trying to put in a boat launch and wanted to prepare plans for the canal Corp at the time to show the scope of work they were planning on doing. Honestly most of us Surveyors are pretty chill down to earth guys so if you really wanted to know maybe just go out side and say “hey you guys need a beer? Whatcha doing anyways?”

That’s part of the point though on this group, lately it’s just non stop aggression and suspicion. Instead of just asking we post on here and spread rumors.

I was all but attacked by a member on this site earlier this year while out working, because I was surveying close to the canal and they thought I was surveying for the canal. The individual I see posting on here all the time came up taking my picture and harassing me for doing private work for a business that happens to boarder the canal. Even after I told them that I was working for the business and not doing canal work they continued to belittle me and attack me. They finally went away and about 30 min later I saw them walk into the business I was working for.

After finding out I was working for the business they walked by me and instead of apologizing for attacking me they made an excuse for their behavior “well I guess you are working for them but you don’t understand what we have been dealing with.” And walked away no apology.

Eileen Pavia:
Robert G. Langdon can’t be too hard on people being suspicious, with what’s been happening. I was figuring this was some pre canal closure business. You might be right about a boat launch. They’ve been talking about adding more. Don’t know where though. Point well taken. Unfortunately people can let emotions overtake them at times. I have to admit even I look at things happening along the canal with a suspicious eye these days. It just comes from how arrogant the Canal Corporation has been and were at the meetings. The feeling I got was just, "Yeah, right, whatever, we're doing whatever we want, when we want". I wouldn't take it out on a worker though. But I actually would be the first to ask them what they were doing. That's just me being nosy and round about sneaky.'ve-been-quiet-for-a-while-but-a-flurry-of-nonsense-today!/?message=1870

What else needs to be added here?

Maybe a warning to those reading, be very careful where you look for truth these days. That truth certainly pretends to be hiding on the internet, in social media groups like this Stop the Canal Clear-cut group. But it's not the TRUTH, it's really just more groups of people, full of conspiracy theorist, who are bent on stirring up anger about something they know absolutely nothing about... but they all want to voice their "valued opinions".

You know what they say about opinions, don't you? They are like "arseholes", everyone has one.

And in my own opinion, which is from a seasoned ENGINEER, like Mr. Langdon, who used facts, data, & truth to develop that "opinion"...

Virginia Maier, Elizabeth Agte and ALL those who support the Stop the Canal Clear-cut ideals are putting their communities, their families and many Erie Canal Neighbors in danger.

That group includes you Mr. Langdon, your silence on public safety along the Erie Canal is appalling, you are just as guilty as those who lead this group with your "silence" on what you know to be the TRUTH. Sadly that silence will be taken as being "complicit" with those who would put their personal truth over safety of the public.

The LEADERS of this Facebook Group want everyone to simply IGNORE the risk of 100 year old overgrown embankment dams, that NY State has said have become a danger to those living below them.

Those leaders want the public to IGNORE potential devastating canal flooding, by fighting against the very NYS Agency tasked with keeping the Erie Canal safe for public use.

And they want you, Facebook users, to believe that they are the "ONLY" ones with the "truth", with no supporting data, little truth, and the only experts are a beekeeper, and a biology teacher.

Like I said, what else can be added... The ECNA welcomes the discussion... especially from Mr. Langdon & Ms. Maier
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