Author Topic: Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group continues spreading Erie Canal disinformation on Facebook  (Read 241 times)

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Time to take a look back at this past year, and all of the denial & disinformation that came from the mouth of Ms. Virginia Maier, co-leader of a Facebook Group called Stop the Canal Clear-cut.

This may look very familiar to another recent post, about another "leader" of this social media group, but as you see, the Title of this post is VERY DIFFERENT.

You see it's become rather obvious that one of these STCC Group leaders is purposely trying to create a false narrative about Canal Safety, with her continued denial, while the other is the "sidekick" who merely parrot's the words of the other. One leader spreads falsehoods while the other "swears it's truth", go figure.

And if you read BOTH of these ECNA Posts about the STCC Leadership, and follow all the links, you will gain an understanding of just how this Facebook Group has been operating. It's a pattern of Denial, Distraction, & Disinformation by one founder, followed by Musings, Myths, and Misinformation by the other.

What's the difference between misinformation & disinformation, aren't they one in the same?

NO! The two words are not interchangeable, and one is far worse that the other... as you might guess.

What is Misinformation?
Misinformation contains content that is false, misleading, or taken out of context but without any intent to deceive.

When family or friends share bogus claims or political conspiracy theories on Facebook, they’re not trying to trick you—they’re under the impression that they’re passing along legit information. In reality, they’re spreading misinformation.

What is Disinformation?
Disinformation is false or misleading content purposefully created with an intent to deceive and cause harm. It’s typically motivated by three factors: power or influence, profit, or the desire to sow chaos and confusion.

This type of fake information is often polarizing, inciting anger and other strong emotions. It can lead people to espouse extreme views—even conspiracy theories—without room for compromise. This, in turn, generates mistrust in the media and other institutions. And when trust goes away from established resources, it shifts to places on the Internet that are not as reliable, like Facebook

So as you read these posts below remember that individually, these posts may seem somewhat harmless. But taken as a whole, they show a pattern of denial & disinformation from this leader, and her group, that continues even to this day, and group members simply refuses to believe the truth & facts about an aging, and now dangerous, NYS Canal System.

While the owners & caretakers are stating the Erie Canal needs repairs to keep it from becoming a flood disaster in our state, Ms. Maier and crew are crying "fear-mongering".

While the Erie Canal itself continues to show signs of potential failure, with over 200 leaks & seeps and a breach in Macedon, Ms. Maier and her group call it all "normal & acceptable".

Ms. Maier talks about "shade" along the Canal while those in charge of protecting the Canal System (and the public using it) are saying SAFETY should matter much more to all of us.

And do not be mistaken here, the NYS Canal System has now become a HUGE safety issue for the NYS Canal Corporation, and New York State in general. It's an accident waiting to happen, that will result in a devastating flood, loss of property, and possible loss of life.

All of this despite what you might read on Facebook and specifically the misinformation being spread by Ms. Maier and her "minions".

Here's a collection of what the ECNA discussed in 2022 directly from the posts of this social media group on Facebook, judge for yourself.

January 2022

February 2022!/

March 2022

April 2022'what's-wrong-with-the-erie-canal-in-gaines'/

May 2022!/msg2215/#msg2215

June 2022're-waiting-and-watching!/msg2253/#msg2253

July 2022're-waiting-and-watching!/?message=2267's-a-systemic-failure-of-intelligence-in-facebook's-stop-the-canal-clear-cu/

August 2022't-matter-to-virginia-maier-neither-does-roadway-safety-along-/

September 2022'truth'-while-ignoring-all-ea/msg2313/#msg2313
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