Author Topic: Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group continues spreading Erie Canal disinformation on Facebook  (Read 241 times)

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Read Ms Maier's Facebook rant about her FOIL request again, you will see this statement made about her displeasure:

I have to share that I just reviewed possibly the silliest response to a request for public information.

I asked for the information the Canal Corporation used to make the decision to do a “seepage repair” on the embankment near Gaines, NY this past spring.

After 6 months of being put off, I received a heavily redacted report that gives me plenty of information about the locations where these repairs were made (I mean, the canal corporation had a press release about the location of these repairs!) but nearly all information about the actual calculated risk or the engineer’s recommendations about next steps were blacked out.

You know, for safety.

So, Virginia Maier thinks that New York State and US Department of Homeland Security should have shared critical infrastructure information, that deals with the safety & security of a main inland waterway in the country, with a Biology teacher running a Facebook group that is in "safety denial".


Ms Maier claims it was the "silliest" response she could have received.

Actually it may be the other way around...

This may be the silliest and "most stupid" request for "public information" that New York State or the DHS has ever received.

She asked why New York State was REPAIRING an EMBANKMENT DAM that was visibly LEAKING to the point where emergency repairs had to be made. And it was also an earthen dam that was previously classified as a High Hazard to the local community, and had no maintenance in it's entire life (until NYPA stepped in to take control of a Canal System in state of disrepair).

You would think that anyone with an ounce of "common sense" would know the answer to that question, wouldn't you?

Once again it's simply more "sour grapes" by Ms Maier.

She didn't like the answer she received about an Earthen Dam Repair and wants everyone to know it, and wants to IGNORE what she was told... that it's classified. That's why it's been blacked out, according to US Laws. Somehow Ms Maier believes those laws shouldn't apply to her request. She's upset because she was simply told "No".

She didn't like the recent State Environmental Quality Report on Erie Canal Integrity and whined about that as well, even though her social whining group was behind a SEQR Article 78 request that stalled the Embankment Integrity work, waiting for that very report.

She doesn't like the new ownership of the NYS Canal System, and makes that clear with her constant & unwarranted ridicule of New York Power Authority, who is only trying to quietly take care of 80 years of Erie Canal neglect by previous owners.

And she doesn't like the ECNA, because we will not let her get away with her lies, her denial, and her constant spread of Erie Canal disinformation.

How do we know she doesn't care for the ECNA or the truth we share with her members through this Forum you ask?

Because for 5 years now she and Elizabeth Agte have refused to let anyone associated with the Erie Canal Neighbors Association join her "public" Facebook group

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