Author Topic: STCC Leaders pleading for Help Wanted! More Fiction over Fact  (Read 33 times)

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And never one word from the STCC about WHY they NYPA want to clear the trees! 

Come on, WHY?

It's because these dams are DANGEROUS, liable to collapse, and the entire population living to the west of the canal from 31F to Bushnells Basin are in a DAM HAZARD ZONE, liable to catastrophic flood.

What makes matters worse is the trees are mostly Cottonwoods, shallow rooted, with weak limbs.
Most trees are 150 feet tall, with trunk bases of at least 3 feet diameter, meaning they weigh about 10 tons each.
They are over 100 feet tall, perched precariously on a man made dirt slope with a pitch under 45 degrees.
The ratio of height to base line is less than 1:1.  It should be 3:1
There is a tremendous amount of hydro-static pressure exerted from the water in the canal.
The amount of brush on these dams is so dense, Engineers reports state that inspection for leak was impossible.

To sum this all up, the trees must be removed, the public liability cost of failure would run into billions. It would bankrupt the Perinton, Pittsford and Brighton.

And ONE drowning would be one too many. Totally avoidable!