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Author Topic: STCC says "collusion at work" in Burgundy Basin Inn Perinton Rezoning Meeting  (Read 25 times)

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This new, outlandish, conspiracy claim, made by Mr. Dean Bonner of the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group, makes me wonder if Mr. D Bonner realizes he's in "collusion" with an idiot from a Facebook Group that is leading a crusade against a safer Erie Canal & safer canal communities. Probably not... but let's move on.

It seems Mr. Bonner, 79,... who's living somewhere below the Great Embankment Dam floodplain in Pittsford, says that the Town BOARD of Perinton is "in collusion" with the New York State Canal Corporation regarding some upcoming property rezoning that is coming up for review. He claims this new rezoning will affect Ms. Agte and himself, maybe he's looking to Ms. Agte for help in all this, for what reason I don't know.

Of course, Mr Dean Bonner does not provide one shred of proof to support his canal corporation conspiracy claims, no documents, no facts, no experts...

As we have shown on this Forum, the list of Ms. Agte's accomplishments supporting her community, is a bit thin as they say and even her support for canal neighbors' issues... well that's even less. Not sure what Mr. Bonner hopes she will do... This has NOTHING to do with her pledge to stop Embankment Maintenance along the Erie Canal, and she lives on the "high side" of the Erie Canal, not in any danger like Mr. Bonner and his neighbors are.


The property in question is the old Burgundy Basin Inn, closed back in the Days of Covid-19, and now has been purchased by a local developer who now wants to build TAX GENERATING RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES on that 11+ acre parcel. He plans to build a community of homes, apartment & townhouse style, with Kayak Launch Canal access and a PUBLIC parking lot used to access the trail.

In addition he also wants to support local small business by adding some retail shops to the location, to support the new "mixed-use development" idea. It seems The Perinton Board will take up this topic in July at a planned Town Board meeting. It's all available to review on the Town of Perinton Properties Under Review Webpage. There is also a SEQR Part 1 Outline showing the developer will do a FULL review of environmental impacts.

It looks like this Burgundy Basin project will bring new revenue to the Town & Fairport Village, as well as providing new JOBS during and after construction.  Hard to see what's wrong with that, except that it is all "new & different" and a "change to community character". And we know how this Facebook group and its members have all resisted the inevitable changes needed, to support a safer Erie Canal and safer neighborhoods located below these aging earthen embankments.

You can read the DETAILS of the Special Use Permit request on the website here:

What's interesting to note here is that the Rezoning Permit Request clearly states that the SOUTHERN BOUNDARY of the property run along Erie Canal Trail and Waterway. And it also states that the area is an UPHILL slope greater than 30' in height, so it would be above "1st floor" windows. I see the word Townhouse used, and there is NO limit placed on number of floors in any of this potential building. The word apartments is also used, and those are better when they are taller for rental reasons...

Thirty Feet, really? If you look at the property online one website mentioned using the FEMA Flood Map website to view that property.. which I took a look at. It lies right next to the FEMA Floodway for Irondequoit Creek, that runs under the canal and through the Great Embankment Dam. If any section of embankment in this area gave way, it would all see a wall of water rushing downhill.

And I also opened up a Topographical map as well to get the height of the Erie Canal as it passes through this area... 

The Erie Canal is at 463' above sea level markers, and the Burgundy Basin Inn, that property is between 395' - 400' below, so these developers intend to build a neighborhood in a Flood Hazard Zone

Here's a nice review of the property found online, showing all the specifics of this parcel

You all can "do the math" as they say...that's more than DOUBLE what the Rezoning Permit says. It seems obvious this developer is trying to downplay that they would like to build a residential area, under the shadow of a 63' Tall by 1800' Long 100 year old Earthen Embankment Dam that keeps "The Basin" dry.

That earthen dam is covered with trees, and the NYS Canal Corporation has been PLEADING with local elected officials to start supporting Erie Canal Safety by not standing in their way as they try to clear trees, and repair their unsafe dam issues. This is exactly why the Canal Corporation Integrity Program came into being... because of unmanaged, unchecked residential development in known Flood Inundation Zones.

Maybe someone in the Town of Perinton, or one of these smaller neighborhoods, should ask the Town Board, AND THE DEVELOPER, who will be performing the necessary INSPECTION of the rather large EARTHEN EMBANKMENT DAM on their property?

An then maybe ask who will be restoring it to meet both FEMA's Federal Guidelines an also the NYS DEC Dam Safety Guidelines, which says the entire raised dam needs to be CLEAR of ALL invasive vegetation that is currently making it UNSAFE?

Then a final question.... Will this new property owner be working WITH or AGAINST the NYS Canal Corporation and New York Power Authority as they try to repair and maintain the hundreds of miles of unsafe Erie Canal Embankments in the State and adjacent to their property.

That might be the BEST question anyone could ask at this Town Board Meeting...

Or this whole rezoning process may come to a grinding halt as Facebook Opposition grows, and those who "don't know what they don't know" stand in the way of public safety once again... wasting taxpayer money, wasting the time of our elected officials.

This development is listed as a Type 1 SEQR action, meaning a FULL ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW is in order.

And simply put... that means that a legion of Phony Facebook Environmentalist, led by people like Ms. Agte and Mr. Bonner, who will probably be looking to file another Article 78 in the future, just to try and stop something they don't like and think will ruin their pretty walk along the Erie Canal. Because we all have finally figured out... this Facebook Opposition is just a bunch of whining Empire Trail users and their warped perception of public safety along Dams... or their total lack of understanding how that public safety works.
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