Author Topic: Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group will need to change in Facebook Meta World  (Read 29 times)

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It's official... Facebook sucked so badly, and it created such chaos & turmoil in the "real world", that Facebook management had to "rebrand itself". And they have a new name for Facebook, it will be called... Meta.

You have all seen the new commercials for the coming Meta-Verse, it shows a cartoon world, with cartoon people, all smiling and having fun.

Because Facebook is NOT fun... and it's also NOT real.

It reminds me of another time when someone left the "real" world and was immersed in a fairly tale world with strange characters all about, where fact was replaced by fiction, and where you couldn't believe that anything was true... just like Facebook and it's upcoming sequel.. Meta.

Here's a few pictures from that "alternative reality"... they also had a "tree problem".

Now, we at the ECNA do have some breaking news, from reliable sources, that the change to the Stop the Canal Clear-cut group, under the new META world, is going to change significantly.

The ECNA received a rare "sneak-preview" of that Stop the Canal Clear-cut in the new META version of Facebook.

Take a look:

Kinda makes you wonder...doesn't it?

What would you expect when the "yellow brick road" leads to this?

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