Author Topic: Stop the Canal Clear-Cut - Just Another Facebook Group with a Questionable Message  (Read 213 times)

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And for anyone out there that says they "want proof" of the claims we are making about this group, you need to only look at their latest attempt to deceive Rochester with their crazy rhetoric.

Of course they are now being enabled and aided by one of the groups members, who used her position at a local Radio Station to push an agenda that goes AGAINST public safety along the NYS Canal System. Shame on that radio station and it's owners for letting that happen, Rochester deserves better than to have radical idiots in charge of local airwave messages.

Go listen to this Shaking up Rochester rebroadcast link, it is almost comical, and worth the listen to see how "in the weeds" this group has become. Be sure to read Mr. Caswell's comments as you listen.

The ECNA did call in to the program, our own Mr. Caswell tried to get the TRUTH out once again about Canal Embankment Safety, but was stifled by what can only be described as "cringe-worthy" remarks, made by the groups "loyal" minions. Take a look at the comments made by Mr. Caswell below.

And now, the responses from the members of this Facebook Group, who say they are looking out for the "public's best interest"

So now we should add the title "messenger's from God" to this Facebook group?

Hard to believe that so many people in our area are being sucked into this Stop the Canal Clear-cut "black hole", sadly thinking this bizarre behavior, and zealous group of "followers" is somehow right about Canal Embankment Safety.

I thought that Rochester was the hub of innovation and smart, forward-thinking people. What a shock and surprise to see that thought turn to crap.

It's very likely that "quite a few members" of this Facebook group also think that a group of Insurrectionist storming Washington DC on January 6 were just "patriots" trying to "serve THEIR LEADER as well.

Look where that move got them...

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