Author Topic: Stop the Canal Clear-Cut - Just Another Facebook Group with a Questionable Message  (Read 212 times)

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Always something going on at the STCC Facebook page
« on: July 30, 2021, 04:42:42 am »
It's quite entertaining really. Just look! --

Mr Smith and the STCC formulated new strategies?  Great!   We can all sleep well in our beds now folks! Especially if you live under the canal embankments.
That NASTY NYPA is acting with impunity you know!  BAD NYPA! BAD! BAD!
Worse, they dismantled the Canal Corporation! Dear Dear dear! Even worse, they're playing 'fast and loose' too!

I see Liz'beth is trying out a new STCC product -Tree Earrings!  That should be a winner folks. And who sent them? None other than our staunch STCC Supporter Janice Gouldthorpe!   Hey Janice! I thought you'd sold up and left for Southern climes? Not really right to be chiming in on 'canal topics' now you have no skin in the game, is it now!
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