Author Topic: Stop the Canal Clear-Cut - Just Another Facebook Group with a Questionable Message  (Read 212 times)

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Re: Always something going on at the STCC Facebook page
« on: July 30, 2021, 06:06:25 pm »
Wait... I just have to answer, being on the "other side"...right?

Not a "partisan" issue?

Yes it is... I am an Erie Canal NEIGHBOR, who used to live BELOW an UNSAFE Earthen EMBANKMENT, it has been repaired now, despite the best efforts of this Facebook calamity to stop that safety work west of Rochester...smarter heads prevailed out here.

Do you think for 1 minute I'm going to let some Empire Trail user dictate what's SAFE for my family? Ms. Agte, Ms. Maier, Mr. Gallagher... they ride bikes on the top of the Earthen Dams... and they think that gives them the right to TOTALLY IGNORE the safety of those neighbors living below?

Not to mention all those living in Flood Inundation Zones and don't know the potential danger they may be in from a canal embankment breach.

Non-partisan... what a stupid thing to say.

NYPA playing "fast & loose", really?

This same Facebook group has been saying the work on EEIP and the Canal Corporation are dragging their feet on getting work done. They took 18 month to get the SEQR work done, the new Embankment Guidebook, and all those pages of Environmental study that this Stop the Clear-cut group asked for. If anything NYPA has been rolling along even-keeled, and is dotting their "i" and crossing all the "t" just to insure a group like this on Facebook never has footing again.

And WHEN did this become about "the economic well-being" of villages and towns. Suddenly it's NOT about clear-cutting and lumber, it's not about shade being "cool" and it's not about fear-mongering... now it's about MONEY? A public safety program, to clear off 100 year old earthen dams is now supposed to be stopped because of tourist money?

So what's the price Ms. Agte and her Facebook Group thinks is somehow worth keeping their community and Erie Canal neighbors  in harm's way?

$100 a head? $200? How much is a human life worth to one of these Stop the Canal Clear-cut nutbags? After all they seem to think that tree's lives matter more, don't they?

The OWNERS of the Colonial Belle are posting on the NYS Canal Corporation's Facebook Page, they LOVE the Canal, and those who maintain it. They have nothing but good things to say now that the Canal Corporation figured out a way to get them to Fairport. And their time in Newark area, well they turned a profit I'm sure. Go read their webpage about all the great reviews they got while running cruises there.

She don't seem to know what you are speaking about. Maybe Ms. Agte should check her sources BEFORE she opens mouth and "inserts foot" in the future.

Better yet, maybe she should simply start listening instead of talking out her arse.