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Desperate Times - desperate people!
« on: August 03, 2021, 12:23:06 pm »
If ever anything showed how pitiful the STCC argument is, then this latest stunt surely shows they have no solid argument.

They have resorted to posting QR codes all over the place, to attract more folks to 'the cause'.

The code points to this web page

The questions asked deserve a response from the ECNA.

I think trees and natural vegetation belong on the Erie Canal embankments because (check all that apply): *

The canal is unique historic treasure
.---* It is in a deplorable, neglected state, the history shows it was built by non-professionals over 150 years ago, and is not to accepted dam building codes.

I like how the natural vegetation enhances the ambiance of the canal port towns. ----* This 'natural vegetation is mainly honeysuckle, Swallowort, Bittersweet vines, Locust and worst of all HUGE Cottonwood trees. All regulated as illegal or controlled invasive species by NYDEC.

I love biking the tree shaded trails in the summer
.----* Much of the Perinton/Pittsford trail has no shade most of the time, as it runs north -south.

Natural vegetation supports wildlife.----* Wildlife is not desirable on an earthen embankment dam, especially burrowing animals and deer, whose hooves create path ruts in the embankment.

Natural vegetation helps to fight global warming. ----* True, but the amount on these dams is TOTALLY insignificant.
I like seeing pollinators on all the flowers. -----* Grow flowers in your garden, the bees will pollinate the grasses  -Turfgrass blended with low-growing perennials that bloom after mowing are a foraging delight to local bee populations.

Trees and shrubs make boating down the canal so relaxing.  -----* Desperate idea.

The natural vegetation makes the canal a great place to photograph sunsets. ----* The sunsets would be far more spectacular without the trees on the western side of the canal, especially at The Oxbow.

The natural vegetation makes it a nice place to go fishing.  ----* We thought the fish were in the canal, not on the embankment.

If we missed something important, tell us another reason you value trees on the Erie Canal!

What is missing here? Well, it's pretty simple really. 

Nowhere do they ask about the safety of locals living under the threat of these dangerous dams.

Where is there ANY mention of the RIZZO report, which classifies these dams as a Class C HIGH HAZARD  and UNABLE TO CARRY OUT COMPLETE INSPECTIONS because of the overgrown state of these dams.

Where does it give a link to FEMA, NYDEC,USACE and ASDSO organisations who all say NO TREES (& undergrowth) ON A DAM?

Do they really think the NYPA and our State officials are going to take any notice of this puerile questionnaire?

Desperate people who have got this ALL wrong!

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