Author Topic: Stop the Canal Clear-Cut - Just Another Facebook Group with a Questionable Message  (Read 213 times)

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We have said it in the just can't make this stuff up.

Here's a brilliant member of this Facebook group, a Mr. Bruce Mellen,  who says that "clear-cutting" happens between the Empire Trail and the water channel, on the inboard slope of the Earthen Embankment. No trees harvested, No Outboard earthen embankment involved, but somehow it's all "clear-cutting" now.

Funny, that is where the routine trail maintenance is done. There is supposed to be no vegetation there at all, weakens the structure of the rip-rap and earthen dam crest. This area is routinely cleared just about everywhere else along the Canal System, or should be.

So why doesn't Fearless Leader/Virginia Maier correct him?

After all it's not like she doesn't understand that the reason by all this is for SAFETY.. just read what she said BEFORE she became "leader" of this "movement"

Oh well, chalk it up to that old saying... "Open Mouth...Insert Foot"

Or was it something about "talking out of your arse?" I just can't remember which fits best here.
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