Author Topic: Stop the Canal Clear-cut Movement is oblivious to the Truth about Trees  (Read 6 times)

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Folks, take a look at this picture posted by a FOUNDER of the Facebook group trying to stop the clearing of trees off unsafe Erie Canal Embankments.

Now many of you may be saying "So what. she's only pointing out shade on the canal, isn't that good?"

The answer is NO, and for so many reasons that it is amazing that not one of these reasons has been understood by this group, it's members or it's leadership.

Look at where the Trees are, and the EDGE of the canopy above in that picture that Ms Agte posted.

Now look at the Canal water... and understand that these trees ALL have roots in the canal by now.

And those roots are dying, killing the trees along with it. It's not conjecture, it's not hype... it just the truth.

But it's a truth that can be deadly to the trees, the embankments they are growing on and to the people living below these earthen dams.

Here's the REAL TRUTH that so many in this Facebook group simply want to ignore, or worse yet, remain IGNORANT to, just because it would spell the end to their fight to save unsafe trees on unsafe dams.

These are facts, not opinions that can be argued.

And it's facts like these that show how careless this group is about the real safety issue playing out along the Erie Canal Corridor

You can learn about how many myths there are about tree growth here:

You can also read about Tree Root Growth here:

And you can read about water suffocating trees roots here:

But if you want to read lies & conjecture about the Erie Canal, how safe it is, and what role those trees play here's our advice:

Go follow this group:

Because "Stupid is as Stupid Does"... according to Forrest Gump

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