Author Topic: Re: STCC Elizabeth Agte has her OWN rules for Dogs on the Empire Trail  (Read 104 times)

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And just look how Ms. Agte and her crew answer STCC Member Deb Antoniades...

Kind of shows how Ms. Agte may "talk" about being "kind & courteous" and staying on topic... but honestly, it appears that the inmates are now running the Agte Asylum on Facebook

And here is part of Ms. Agte's latest rant about her trail plight on her Facebook Group page... once again she is right, all the rest of us concerned with canal integrity are wrong, just ask her.

We are "bullies" because we want Erie Canal Safety

Integrity? The woman is fighting AGAINST a State Agency who trying to repair a huge public safety issue along the Erie Canal. And her reason... shade, scenic views and her own blindness.

And this group, led by Ms. Agte, has never been "kind or courteous" to ANY member who questions their information, rebukes their leader, or questions the behavior of either Co-Founder.

Keep the Conversation on Topic Well that's a joke as well.

The latest conversation on Facebook by this group isn't about canal embankments. It's about leashing dogs on the Erie Canal Trail, which is REQUIRED by NYS...

Unless of course your name is Elizabeth Agte.
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